Cutting Edge Lifestyle Technology

I have partnered with the following companies to offer you cutting-edge wellness technology that I use in my personal health and wellness journey.  This is healing at the quantum level where energy is the healing vehicle.



This multilayered holographic technology is a game changer in health and wellness. With 50 years of combined experience, team Aegea combines experience in the industries of bio-science, over the counter pharmaceutical trade and medical.  Pioneering the path in Quantum Resonance Technology the accomplished team takes pride in the efficacy of our products and contribution towards convenience made for everyday health and wellness.

Learn more at Quantum Energy Heals

Get product samples for $6 at Sample Quantum Energy


2-World Global Networks


I have searched for the highest quality products that would support my own wellness for years and I am only interested in finding the highest quality supplements and products for my body.

That is why I have partnered with World Global Networks and Helo LX. I am currently a Gold founding partner with Wor(l)d Global Network.

The Helo LX is the first of its kind in advanced lifestyle monitoring technology.  Track your blood pressure, heart rate, breath rate, perform a real-time EKG, monitor mood and energy, sleep, steps and soon monitor your blood glucose with the worlds first non-invasive blood glucose monitor.   Have access to thousands of apps from our exclusive app store to customize your wellness program to suit your needs.

In a whirlwind of events I discovered Helo technology and within days was whisked off to Miami to World Headquarters on an all expense paid trip to meet with the CEO, Fabio Galdi a world leading in the field of innovative technology. After spending the day with him I was so impressed with his vision for changing healthcare through technology and coupling it with the network marketing sales model that I want to share his vision with you.

Mr. Galdi saw a need in the market that wasn’t being filled and he decided to lead the call to fill it. That need is personal wearable technology that goes beyond the fitness devices on the market today. One that gives the wearer feedback on their bodies bio-parameters in real time. Armed with this information one can make lifestyle choices that will change their health. There is nothing like this advanced wearable technology on the market. The Helo: Health and Lifestyle Oracle, is a new dimension in mobile health that helps track your vital signs and give you tips and suggestions for improving your lifestyle.


I want to connect with people who could see a need for either or both of these technologies for themselves, a family member their clients and would like to bring another stream of income into their business at the same time:
Alternative medicine practitioners
Medical Doctors
Fitness and personal trainers
Hands-on healers
People working with Diabetics
Massage Therapists
Network Marketers

Explore the information at













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