A Tumor on the Back of My Heart ❤️


What do you mean I have a tumor on the back of my aorta?!

I knew I had an issue with my Parathyroid after the first heart attack but could only focus on one issue at a time so I put it off. The doctor was okay with that because they are usually benign tumors.

When I finally got to the point I was feeling good again, 2 more heart attacks later and open heart surgery, I went in for a scan. By that point I had done my research and learned that the tumor could be removed in a 17 minute procedure, out patient. I was ready to do that because the parathyroid was already stressing out my kidneys and leaching calcium from my bones.

When I got the email that I could look at the test,  I immediately went on line to look. I couldn’t read most of what it said but the words “Posterior Aorta” jumped out at me. I knew that meant behind the aorta, but how was that possible, Parathyroid glands are in the neck behind the thyroid.

I search the internet for the words in the report and found that on very rare occasions a parathyroid gland will migrate into the chest during fetal development. In more rare cases it will go as far as the heart.

When I read that my hole body began to shake with fear. I called my primary care physician and got a nurse who was going to have my doctor call me. I was hoping someone would tell me I had read the report wrong and everything would be okay. No one called me back. I cried the rest of the day.

How could this be happening? I had just spent 2 1/2 years recovering from heart attacks and open heart surgery, I learned, dove deep into myself and transformed. It was grueling work and now I have a renegade tumor on my heart. How could the Universe be doing this to me. More importantly why did my soul create this for me now?

I cried most of the following day. At the end of the day a nurse from the endocrinologists office called. She told me not to worry, it is a simple surgery and they have a great surgeon that will be working with me. I said “ correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t the report say the tumor is behind my aorta?” She looked again and said, “just a minute I need to ask”.  She returned to tell me I was correct and not to worry the surgeon would explain everything to me. I wouldn’t see the surgeon for two weeks. Two agonizing weeks of wondering.

It is hard to explain what an impact this had on me and I am sure people don’t understand what a big deal this is because they are not in the experience like I have been. I have a tendency to make things look easy. In truth none of this has been easy for me. It has been frightening to say the least. I had PTSD for most of the two years I was recovering from the heart events, that’s how ard it has been.

I just went through the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life and on top of that I am in a financial crisis because of all the medical expenses and now I find out I have a renegade tumor behind my heart…give me an f’n break!!! Who ever is in charge must think I am bulletproof.  I am not. I am actually very sensitive and feel things deeply.

I was a wreck when I finally saw the surgeon, who apologizes over and over because  this was happening to me. She confirmed my suspicions that the tumor was behind my aorta and said it would be such a complicated surgery that she would need the doctor who did the open heart surgery to assist her.

I cried through that entire consultation. I couldn’t even remember most of my questions and it didn’t matter anyway because they didn’t pertain to this tumor placement. I was glad my sister was with me because I couldn’t even think straight. I just sobbed and shook inside.

Before the surgery consultation with the heart surgeon a friend introduced me to a technology that isolates quantum energy into holograms that stick on your body, call Aegea.  I ordered them and started using them.

Very quickly I found my energy became balanced. A calm came over me that I had rarely experienced and my focus and clarity came back. This is just what I needed if I was going to get through this situation with grace and ease.

When I saw the surgeon, I sat calmly listening to him tell me about the tumor, were it was and how this rarely happens. He talked out loud as he explored the possible ways he could get into my body to remove it. Trust me, they were all very scary because there were dangerous things that could happen. The 17 minute out patient surgery to my neck had turned into a dangerous surgery that would take at least three hours.  I stayed calm and believe it was because of the Aegea holograms and the Quantum Card, which contains the essence of universal energy.

The doctor wanted to wait a couple of months because at that point it hadn’t even been a year since open heart surgery. When he was done I looked at him and said “ I am going to dissolve the tumor so you don’t have to do surgery. I told him how I had done it before with my gallbladder. He listened intently and didn’t act like he thought I was a crazy woman like other doctors had. I was calm and confident as I spoke, and I believed I could do it. I think he did too. I asked if he could check my blood again before I saw him and he said yes.  He actually took it a step further and has ordered a scan, so I know he took me seriously.

That was a month ago. I have barely wavered from my belief and intention that I will dissolve this tumor. I believe that is because of the quantum technology which is working on my emotional body and nervous system to keep me calm, focused, clear and centered.

Read the rest of the posts in this series to follow my progress and learn what I’m doing to dissolve this tumor. https://shiftdiva.wordpress.com/category/dissolving-a-parathyroid-tumor/

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Vulnerability and Commitment to Heal


I had a set back yesterday in my conviction to dissolve the tumor. I call it “ What iffing”.

Sometimes being vulnerable and authentic is exhausting. I had just wrote another blog entry about how my art is releasing the tumor. How I believe it is gone. And doubt set in. I have had very little doubt for the last month.

I am called to openly share this process like I did with my heart journey. I think this is still my heart journey. My hope in being vulnerable is that I might inspire someone else to think differently about a health issue they are experiencing.

The flip side is, what happens if it isn’t gone. 98 % of the time I believe it is and know what powerful beings we are. Aegea has made it so much easier for me to stay focused on my intention and barely waver. 98% of the time I can see the positive outcome in great detail.

Yet there is that 2% that wonders what I will do if it isn’t gone and how I will be perceived, etc. And will my 2% doubt take the power of this to happen away.

I had what if’s swirling around in my mind all day. I woke up at 3 AM I decided to journal about it. I find that if you put things on paper rather then letting them spin around in your head it takes the power away.

I allowed my self to follow the what if thread down the rabbit hole. Somewhere in the middle it shifted when I decided that I needed to embrace both outcomes and not have resistance to the one I didn’t want to experience. I felt the feelings of disappointment and how it would suck if I had to have surgery. Yep, it would really suck and would be a big setback.

I have to be able to accept myself if this doesn’t happen the way I want it to happen. It won’t be a failure either way because I am finding more of myself going through this experience. It doesn’t matter if other people see me as a failure.

I can’t let fear of it not working take over because that will get in the way of making the tumor go away.

It takes a lot of courage to step out and tell the world you are going to make something happen when there is know way of seeing that it is. This is a huge exercise in trust.

Being authentic takes courage.

I hope there is value in this for someone.

PS…it is normal to have these kind of feelings when going through a challenging situation.


Healing Power of Visionary Art

Why art as a way to heal?

Why do I believe it is Dissolving the tumor? That might sound crazy to some people.

I am a trained art therapist and also a visionary artist. The two do not come together when I am painting, except for the knowing that art can heal.

I have been a Visionary Artist for about 30 years. My medium for most of those years is a combination of permanent black ink and watercolor pencils.  I believe that it is the use of pencils that opened the door to my inner Visionary.

This article will explore and explain what I discovered in the process of doing art.

My personal healing and evolution has been accelerated because I incorporate art.

I want to use the context of this current process I am doing to dissolve a parathyroid tumor as and example.

When I begin a painting it comes as an inspiration of a concept that just drops into my mind. I then go through a process that is always the same:

  • I do a pencil sketch of the concept
  • I fill in the details with permanent black ink
  • I intuitively add color
  • I wash the colors with water. I have done this for so long that I know what will happen when I add water and exactly how much to add.

I discovered years ago that I was doing a sort of EMDR or bilateral stimulation when I get to the stage of adding color. I am watching my hand move back and forth in fron of my eyes which activates both sides of the brain.

“Bilateral stimulation activates an accelerated processing effect that encourages an extraordinarily free-associative process between the mind and body that causes thoughts, emotions, images, memories, body sensations, dreamlike fantasies and other aspects of perception to break out of their old patterns and move rapidly to new levels of self awareness. “ Laurel Parnell

Drawing with watercolor pencils rhythmically alters the stimulation between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

For me it deepens my connection to higher levels of consciousness where I receive life changing information.  That information then encodes new affirming thoughts, feelings and beliefs into my brain.  This process creates new neural connections that change the story that might be running on autopilot. I am literally reprogramming my brain.

The second layer to the painting process is intuitively adding color.

Color meanings and symbolism is important because:

  • Colors show up in our lives to deliver divine messages
  • Colors are chosen based on energy they provide for our mind, body and spirit.
  • Colors have distinct energetic properties that we invoke when we need support

The subject of color seems to have almost endless ramifications
and to touch upon life in almost every quarter, for color is rich in lore,
rich in meaning and purpose.” – Faber Birren

Colors can affect how we feel subconsciously. This means that one may not even know they are being affected by the color of an environment or artwork. Colors have deep subliminal meanings that affect our thinking and rational. They have symbolic meaning that changes amongst different cultures and countries



So this image, for example,

The most amazing thing happened while I was painting it. I got the image of liquid gold energy flowing over the tumor. I started working on the image.

I always draw with pencil first. I drew everything included the tumor which was really small in this painting.

The next step is to go over the whole thing with black ink and then erase all of the pencil. Each step is programming my psyche and telling my body what I intend to happen.

So I started painting the gold which you see in the photo. All of the sudden I said “Hey, where is the tumor?” I realized it was gone! I had forgotten to outline it in ink so I erased it while I cleaned up the pencil!!!!!

My artwork is prophetic and has been for 30 years. There are no mistakes when working with visionary art. The universe sends me direct messages through my paintings. It is clear to me that this painting is telling me the tumor is gone.



The Final Image in Dissolving the Parathyroid Tumor

This is the final image.

I feel like not only is the tumor gone but I took my heart health to a new level.

I feel like I am watching a cliffhanger and it’s my own life. Now I wait.



Symbolism study after painting is complete:

Blue butterfly

The blue butterfly is a symbol of Spirit speaking through transformation and change.

In some cultures, spotting a blue butterfly is thought to bring sudden good luck.

Blue butterflies are also considered wish-granters. Spotting a blue butterfly means that a wish one makes or made will come true.

A blue colored butterfly is often thought to symbolize joy and happiness.

Red Rose

Since ancient times, roses have symbolized God at work in whatever situation they appear. The intricate and elegant rose offers a glimpse of a masterful Creator’s active presence in creation. As this popular flower blossoms, its buds gradually open to reveal blossoms with lovely layers — an illustration of how spiritual wisdom unfolds in people’s lives. The strong, sweet scent of a rose brings to mind the powerful sweetness of love, which is the essence of God. So it’s not surprising that many miracles and encounters with angels throughout history have involved roses.

If you notice on the heart on the right, which represents the heart without the tumor, I started with a rose bud and in the final painting above, it is in full bloom.

I didn’t know this! It makes the message of this painting even more profound!


I Erased the Parathyroid Tumor!


Here is the finished painting. Called Liquid Gold.

Sometimes my paintings are so profound they make me cry while I am painting. This is one of those paintings. Sometimes I cry and don’t understand why because the painting is speaking to my soul.

This spoke to my soul but I understood/understand what it was saying.

You can see the liquid gold energy pouring over the heart where the tumor use to be. Underneath the heart on the left is the stone, blue kyanite, which is supportive of the parathyroid. It is sending energy to the parathyroid. ( I have been wearing blue kyanite)

Liquid gold energy is deeply healing according to my guides.

I am blessed to have the healing gifts that I have, honed and sharpened over many lifetimes.

Visionary Art and Dissolving a Parathyroid Tumor.


The most amazing thing just happened. I got the image this morning of liquid gold energy flowing over the tumor. I just started working on the image now.

I always draw with pencil first. I drew everything included the tumor which was really small.

The next step is to go over the whole thing with black ink and then erase all of the pencil. Each step is programming my psyche and telling my body what I intend to happen.

So I started painting the gold which you see in the photo. All of the sudden I said “Hey, where is the tumor?” I realized it was gone! I had forgotten to outline it in ink so I erased it while I cleaned up the pencil!!!!!

There are no mistakes when working with visionary are. The universe sends me direct messages through my paintings.

This is an affirmation from the universe that my mission is accomplished. It tells me the tumor IS gone.

The metaphor isn’t lost on me!
This was an OMG moment for me! ❤️



Dare to Dream…Dissolving a Parathyroid Tumor


Finally, a doctor who took me seriously!

When I saw the surgeon about surgery to remove the tumor, I told him I would dissolve it and asked if he would repeat the blood work. He is going a step further and ordered a new scan!

I have a month to complete my end of the deal.

I believe if it isn’t gone already it’s close.

But as soon as I had the follow up appointment schedule a bit of doubt crept in.

Children often hear, “Don’t get your hopes up” from well meaning adults who are trying to protect them from failure. If you hear that or something similar enough it becomes and unconscious program. I heard this a lot growing up.

It stops the dreaming…

It gets in the way of manifesting because we get wishy washy with our intentions. Fear of failure is in the back of our mind every time we want something big. It’s our default.  I was getting a bit wishy washy and has to stop myself. I had to remind myself where it was coming from and how it didn’t help me dream this dream of dissolving a tumor.

Do you realize how powerful you are? We can dream big things and they can happen because we believe they can. We are all creative beings. Things can happen because we trust that they can without a shadow of a doubt.

Instead of thinking what if I fail…what if you succeed?

I believe I will succeed! I feel like I have a sacred responsibility to succeed to shift the paradigm for my doctors, myself and anyone else following my journey.  Nothing would be served by me having to have major surgery to remove this.