We are powerful creators!



For a few years I have taken issue with the theory around the Law of Attraction because it feels like something is missing and there is a lot of spiritual bypassing in it.

The other day I heard a quote that has me pondering if this is part of what is missing.  It goes something like this,  Everything you are experiencing now is because of what you asked for.  To me that is different than thoughts become things. Here is why…

A few days before I heard that quote I wrote this question in my journal ” why would someone create the experience of having 3 heart attacks in ten months ” which I had done.  Some people told me it meant something was wrong with my thinking. Others often solutions of food and supplements I might try. Others just felt sorry for me.

Then I heard the quote Everything you are experiencing now is because of what you asked for.  It’s like the concept of sending out rockets of desire but it landed differently inside of me.

On March 8 2016 I did a ritual on the Eclipse, which astrologically was a powerful one for me.  Two of the things I asked for were Supreme Health and Wellness and a conscious partnership.

On March 20, 2016, the Spring Equinox, I had the first heart attack.

One of the things I learned early in this heart journey is that my heart was shut down because of earlier life trauma. Trauma I had worked on many times over the years. What remained was hidden from me at the cellular level.

Cellular memory is hard to reach. Which meant it was pretty much impossible for me to have supreme health and a conscious partnership.  My desire for both was strong and the universe was listening and took the most efficient way to open my heart…heart attacks.

This is a different twist on the Law of Attraction where thoughts become things. I wasn’t thinking about having heart attacks. I was thinking quite the opposite. It was confusing because simplistically the Law of Attraction says, negative thoughts become negative things and positive thoughts become positive things.

Accordingly id something bad happens you created it by what you were thinking. There is a lot of shame in that.

If my positive intentions to have supreme health and wellness and a conscious partnership created three heart attacks because that was the pathway to get there, that’s a great thing! It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The universe chose the most effective and efficient way to clean up and clear out what wasn’t in alignment with my intentions.

AND now I am in a space where I can magnetize them because my heart is open and returning to wellness!


A Visit from Michael the Archangel


Michael the Archangel has come to me many times over the years and it always feels the same.  I feel a large pair of energetic hands pressing on the side of my head.  I can feel the pressure on my head even though it is gentle it feels like my hair is being pressed down.  Energy flows from his hands into the top and sides of my head.

His coming is most often spontaneous, though there have been times when I called upon him and he came in the same way.  It always feels to me like a loving, healing presence.  I use to have visits all of the time but then they slowed down and it has been a long time since I have had one.

Yesterday and for the last few days I have felt weary of this journey I have been on and it has caused me a lot of anxiety.  Most of the anxiety has been connected to dying, which I feel is a PTSD response to what I have been through.  I think it is present with any life threatening illness and for me it was presenting in the form of anxiety about a having another heart attack that would kill me.

I was in the shower and I said out loud “Just send me an angel of peace, that is all I need!”

Last night Michael came to visit.  I was being mindlessly entertained by the television, dealing with the case of bronchitis that I had gotten.  It was causing me anxiety because I could not clear my throat.  There was so much congestion in my throat and as soon as I cleared it out it came right back.

Suddenly I felt the giant hands press against my head and immediately the anxiety I had been feeling melted away.  The hands stayed pressed against my head for 30 minutes and I knew I was receiving a special healing gift.

This morning when I work up I felt completely different.  I felt renewed, the fog that had been in my brain for weeks was gone and I felt hopeful.  Hopeful that what I was going through was temporary and was purposeful and was not intended to kill me.  The feeling that I had been having in my throat that I couldn’t clear was gone, even though I still have remnants of the cold.

Thank you to Michael for continuing to visit and support me all of these years.

This is my spirit communing with Spirit, which I choose to call Michael the Archangel.

My Statin Nightmare


As I type this the first finger on my right hand is so swelled up and painful that I can hardly use it to type but I am compelled to share my story despite the pain.

First of all, I am a health and wellness expert and wrote an award winning book about alternative health.  I know about healing and I know about using food as medicine, yet I still got caught in the pharmaceutical trap.

My Story

On March 20th of 2016 I have a stress-induced cardiomyopathy, which looks like a heart attack but really isn’t. It doesn’t mean my life was stressful. I had a fire in my basement, I ran up the stairs 90 miles an hour and had the Cardiomyopathy when I reach the top of the stairs. It is caused by a single stressful incident. There is not a lot of research but it is the kind of heart issue that you can completely recover from.

I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and what happened in the next 2 days while I was vulnerable was actually a whirlwind of neglect.  There is little information about Stress-induced cardiomyopathy so the medical field doesn’t really know how to treat it so they fall on the heart attack protocol as backup.

I didn’t find out what my diagnosis was until the day I was discharged so until then I thought I had suffered a heart attack.  When it is your first time with something like this you really don’t even know what questions to ask when they start handing you medication that they say “If you don’t take this you will have another heart attack.”  Things happened so fast and I felt so bad that I didn’t have time to do my research from my hospital bed.

When I found out I was on Statins, I didn’t know much about them because they hadn’t come on to my radar but I knew intuitively I didn’t want to take them and asked the cardiologist several times when I could be off of them.  I was told “you will will have to be on them for life.”  Ah no, that will never happen!!

I didn’t think I could just stop so it was my intention to find out how to get off of them as fast as I could.  Within three weeks I ended up with symptoms of toxicity.

I started researching statins immediately out of the hospital and was told by several people that they were poison. A chiropractor friend told me that there are certain genotypes who can’t tolerate Statins and it takes a simple blood test to find out if you are one of them.  Doctors don’t perform this test!

Every medical doctor I talked to told me it was a good drug for preventing heart attacks even when I protested.  Oh by the way, it is used to lower cholesterol and I my cholesterol is normal!

First, both of my hands clenched up and were so painful I ended up in the Emergency Room.  Of course the doctors were befuddled and I insisted they take me off the statins because I was sure that was the problem.  For the next three days I was in severe pain and could not use my hands.

The day after my ER visit I had a follow up with my Primary doctor and by then both of my hands were swelled up, red and on fire and looked like clubs.  I was diagnosed with cellulitis.  I had to go on antibiotics to get that to recede.

One morning I woke up and there was so much pain in my hip I could hardly walk.  It went from there to my foot, which also swelled up and was painful.

Finally every joint and muscle in my body was in pain. Today I have been off of Statins for 9 days and I am still feeling the results of what is left in my body.  Including severe itching in my palms, cellulitis in my right index finger and arthritis type pain in two fingers on my left hand. From what I read it takes 2-3 weeks to be clear of it.

Update: It ended up taking 3 weeks for the statins to clear out of my body and the pain migrated throughout my body as it was leaving.  Cellulitis returned to my hands three times before it was gone.


Exaggeration and Deception

For example, in one highly quoted study 3 percent of those on placebo had a heart attack compared to 2 percent of those taking Lipitor. In other words, out of 100 people taking atorvastatin, one would benefit. That probably doesn’t seem very impressive to you. After all, if 99 people taking Lipitor get no noticeable benefit so that 1 person can avoid a heart attack, the results just don’t sound exciting.

But wait, there is a way to manipulate the data to make the drug seem more appealing. Because the difference between 3 percent and 2 percent is only 1 percent, the manufacturer promoted the drug as reducing the risk of heart attack by 36 percent. That sounds much more appealing to prescribers and patients, even though only 1 person out of 100 actually benefits. In statistical terms, drug companies use relative risk reduction rather than absolute risk reduction to make it seem as if their medications are far more effective than they really are.


1-Statins and Genotype intolerence Medical research paper

2-Statins and Muscle pain:

60% of people stopping statins did so because of muscle pain.


Other studies:

Dr. Northrup who I trust says she wouldn’t take statins herself!  Here is her article

This one by a Doctor is great too and she adds a lot of other research to her article  http://kellybroganmd.com/cracking-cholesterol-myth-statins-harm-body-mind/

Run from Statins http://drsircus.com/medicine/run-from-your-statin-recommending-cardiologist/



Dr. Axe report :


Dr. Diamond on Statins  This is a Doctor who studied the side effects of Statins for his own health

Wellness Mama report




I asked the cardiologist if there was a way to clean the plaque out of arteries naturally and she said no.  I went home and did my research and found that wasn’t true.  When I saw her again I said ” When I asked you about using food to clear out plaque you told me no but my research says you can.”  She replied, yes there are food that can do that but we can see the results unless we go back in so there isn’t any proof.

Here are several links to food that will support lowering cholesterol, there area a lot more out there.




Testing for Statin Intolerance https://www.statinsmart.com/

Please, please, please do your homework before you ever agree to take statin drugs. It has been a nightmare for me as this toxin moves through my body. And very painful and exhausting. It debilitated both my hands for three days, went into my leg and now my right foot so I can hardly walk. Joint pain everywhere. From what I have read it take about 2-3 weeks to clear out of your body.

There are specific genotypes who are intolerant of statins and a simple blood test would have saved me from all of this pain. Doctors don’t do the test and think everyone alive should be on the drug. I am posting this so none of my friends have to experience this! The heart attack was a piece of cake compared to what I have experienced for over a week. It’s comforting to know it will be over soon.

Eyes are The Windows to the Soul




“My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected”

“There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect.”

G.K Chesterton

One of the things that I do when I work with illness, my own and other people’s, is to work with metaphor and create sacred healing objects.  The box in the photo is one of those pieces.   If you read my book, Empowered Health and Wellness: Awaken the Inner Physician” you have read my healing story but have not seen the box and the lapis lazuli stones I talked about.  This is it.

In July of 2006 I was diagnosed with a Posterior Vitreous Detachment, PVD in my left eye.  I won’t go into the details here because I want to tell you the story about the image above.

Early in my healing of this issue my guidance lead me to the Eye of Horus and how it was connected to my eye.  My guidance lead me to a very specific store that I had only been to one other time.  My Inner Physician told me that I would find a lapis lazuli Eye of Horus the I could use to heal my eye.  I went to the store right when it opened looking for the lapis Eye of Horus but found nothing.  Someone came into the store behind me and said “Where is all of your jewelry?” to which the owner said, “I haven’t put it out yet.”  She put the jewelry on the bottom shelf of the case.  When she as done she took two lapis lazuli Eyes of Horus out of a box and placed them on the top shelf!  When you start to experience synchronicity like this, know that you are being guided by something higher because there isn’t any earthly explanation.

Once again I was stunned by my inner guidance yet glad I had listened to it.  I learned that the eyes were covered by a street vendor in Egypt and were a one-of-a-kind set. The store owner told me it is very hard to find a pair made by the same person of both the left and right eye. Of course I bought the set, even though it was more money than I wanted to spend. For me they represented powerful metaphor for my eyes to heal.  For me it is more powerful if I have a physical representation of the metaphor I am working with.  Not only did I find a physical representation but it had come in a healing stone of lapis lazuli.

 Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical Powers

As inscribed in the 140th chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Lapis Lazuli, in the shape of an eye set in gold, was considered an amulet of great power.  On the last day of the month, an offering was made before this symbolic eye, for it was believed that on that day, the supreme being placed such an image on his head.

Lapis Lazuli is said to be associated with self-confidence, truthfulness, openness and inner tranquility. Lapis Lazuli is the ancient stone of mental and psychological health. It promotes spiritual healing, mental calmness and strength of will. It increases psychic abilities and allows for spiritual growth.

When used during meditation, it aids in detaching one from the physical body and allowing for a deeper and more open state of consciousness. Therefore, for a beginner it can be quite scary and create a feeling of panic as one feels as if he/she is loosing touch with the body completely. As a result, it is wonderful for establishing a connection with the creative force and receiving information from other plains of consciousness.

It is a good stone for emotional healing. According to the wonderful book “Love is in the Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals, Melody” (Copyright 1991, Earth-Love Publishing House, it enables one to obtain relief from that which has been presses into the shallow recesses of the mind, providing objectivity, clarity and mental endurance during release of emotional bondage. It helps for diminishment of the internal smoldering fire which leads to disease. It stimulates the communicative facets of the self, providing for clarity and responsiveness during the release of information. Lapis Lazuli is also a very powerful tool for dream work.

I go into more details in the book about how I worked with these stones to heal my eyes.

I made the box to hold the two apis lazuli Eye of Horus and I use them as an instrument of healing in my work now.  The cover is made from a greeting card.

A Doll with a Story…



I am just going to tell you part of her story because the whole story is very long.  The part about how she came to be.

First of all I made her.  She came from my imagination. She was created to accompany me on a healing journey to Mexico.  This doll would represent wellness to me and help me heal from an issue that had been a problem for several years.  Intention is strengthened for me if I create a visual object because I am such a visual person.

I created this beautiful, powerful doll that you see above, placing my hair, stones and crystals and other objects in her body as I meditated and prayed my intention into her to animate my request.   My doll would traveled with me for 6 weeks as I visited churches all over the Central Highlands in Mexico.  I was staying in Patzcuaro, Mexico the home of Our Lady of Health.  I would be there on December 8th which was her feast day and there would be a grand celebration as people came from all over Mexico to ask her for healing.

The History of Our Lady of Health   Basilica of Our Lady of Health: (Nuestra Señora de la Salud): it was the Cathedral’s seat in the State of Michoacán until 1950. The Basilica was built over a pre-Hispanic ceremonial centre, commissioned by the first bishop in Michoacán, Vasco de Quiroga, whose remains rest in the temple. The basilica is well attended throughout the year, especially on the 8th day of every month, when hundreds of devotees come to pray and ask for protection to the regional patron.The venerated image of our lady of Health, made with paste of corn cane and orchid honey in the XVI century.

The venerated 16th century image of the Virgin was in fact brought here by Bishop Quiroga, and for almost 300 years stood in the humble hospital chapel of Santa Marta down the hill from the Basilica.  Now she stands in splendor inside the Basilica opposite and 18th century painting of the controversial bishop.

Most of the time she stands inside of an enclosed glass case, which is how she was when I first saw her.  One her feast day she is brought out on a platform and carried about the church by 4 devotes so that she can be touched by those asking for healing.

The Virgin is richly costumed in an embroidered robe and spreading floral cap.  She wears a crown and a finely wrought silver glory surrounds her head.  In accordance with the traditional image of the Virgin of the Conception, she stands on a silver crescent moon.  Over the centuries La Salud/ Our Lady of Health has been credited with many miraculous cures, as well a favorable interventions in times of plague and drought.

To me she represents the Goddess…    When I set out to create this doll, I had never seen her image, nor did I know any of this history.  

An image came to me in a vision and I created it.  I made a beautiful box for her and also a medicine bag.  The box eventually fell apart and she is now in the wooden box seen below.

The first time I went to the Basilica and saw the statue of Our Lady of Health, I was stunned by her beauty.  She was almost life size, with long brown human hair and real clothes and jewelry.  With over 400 years of prayer and dedication this statue seemed almost human.  She was wearing a long velvet cape, embroidered with gold designs, that was floor-length in the front and longer in the back.   20150601_162148 I was surprised to find that the doll I created before even seeing her was an exact replica, right down to the red and gold cape which she only wears once a year, on her feast day!  It was clear that I had connected with Our Lady of Health long before I arrived.  The small statue that you see on the edge of the box and in the top photo is what she looks like on her feast day.  Really close to the doll I had created wouldn’t you say?

This is part of being a visionary artist.  We see things, create them and find out later they were exactly as we saw them in our mind’s eye.

She now carries healing energy for our travels and all of the sacred spaces where were in as well as all of the ceremonies we participated in together on my pilgrimage.  Just writing this story makes me nostalgic because it was a powerful trip for me and I did find healing there.

The complete story of my healing pilgrimage is Chapter 6 in my book Empowered Health and Wellness: Awakening You Inner Physician

I Didn’t Realize!

I didn’t realize my hormones were out of balance.  I went through menopause about 6 years ago without much fuss.  I never had night sweats or hot flashes though I was a bit warmer  than normal.  But I think my hormones have been out of balance for so long that I didn’t know what emotional and physical normal really was.

Not until I started using Estro-Rhythm, the new hormone balance system from It Works Global.  It was introduced at our annual convention in August and I got to listen to the Doctor who formulated it.  Dr. Bent Formby is from Copenhagen and is an expert in the field of hormones.  A lot of what he said when talking about the product was so scientific that it went over my head . I took a lot of notes but they still don’t make sense to me, so I would have to see if it works.  For starts, though, I do like the name.  I am a sucker for a great name.

What struck me, as a woman already through menopause, was the fact that if my hormones where balanced I could avoid a lot of the health concerns my mother has, such as heart disease, bone loss and diabetes.  Dr. Formby attributes them to lack of hormone balance.  With a family history like that it would be worth giving the product a try even though I didn’t have hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings like women in menopause.

We were told that it is the only hormone balancing product in the world that is a complete system with a supplement and individually package balancing cream. Cool It is also all natural plant-based, which I like.  But does it work?  There are a lot of products on the market, there are creams, herbal supplements but there is nothing that combines all of the science and technology into one system like Estro-Rhythm does.

As soon as I got home I ordered Estro-Rhythm so I have been taking it for almost two months.  It is super easy to use which is a big plus for me.  The cream comes in individual packets so there is nothing to measure or guess at and the supplement you take twice a day.

By the end of the first month I noticed my mood had leveled out.  I didn’t realize that I had a low-level depression until it was gone and I felt something different.  I noticed that my energy was increasing so I felt it was worth giving it another month. Last week I was down 4 pounds.  I remember Dr. Formby saying that in post menopause women the changes would be more subtle.  This wasn’t subtle at all.  I wonder what it would do for women who hadn’t gone through menopause or who were already in it if I was feeling this way.

Today I am coming to the end of my second month of taking Estro-Rhythm.  It dawned on me this morning that I had forgotten to get my B12 shot this month so I looked at the calendar.  Normally I get it every 4 weeks and by then I would be dragging from lack of energy, I would be cranky and sensitive emotionally and wouldn’t be able to sleep.  When I looked at the calendar I was over a week late and was without symptoms.  In fact my energy is great, my mood is superb and I slept like a baby last night.

Who would have thought a Shift in hormones could make this much difference!

To learn more go to http://www.inchlossdiva.com

It’s Time to Flip the Economy!

The current economy stinks! I lost my job in this current economy so when I say it stinks I am speaking from personal experience! I can also tell you that even though I found a job right away it has taken me over a year to recover financially. I took a job that required me to build a case load and it took me 5 months to get back to the level of pay that I had lost. That amount of time can take a toll on your financial situation. My mortgage payment was late for the first time in 10 years and when I say late I was two months behind. My credit is now trashed because I couldn’t keep current and I was one of the lucky ones.

We all realize now that the recession we are in globally is the biggest one we’ve had since the great depression in the 1929. What we don’t know is this will be a much bigger recession than the great depression. That one was so bad that my grandfather committed suicide and my parents never lost the poverty mentality that the recession created. Do we really need to keep learning the same lesson?

For millenium someone other than us has been in control of the money in this country, some think it is the federal government, some say it is a global cartel, some say it is the banks and others say insurance companies. It doesn’t really matter who it is, what matters is that it isn’t us and it should be! Some people work their asses off for 50 years and never see half of what they earned. That should be against the law but instead, it is the law! We have become slaves to security and in reality nothing is ever secure, things are always changing.

Albert Einstein said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”, yet we keep doing the same thing. We got to school, go to college to get a good job so we can have job security. That has been the mantra for at least 100 years. There was a time when you could retire at 65 and get Social Security and live a somewhat comfortable life, but these days your social security check won’t stretch to the end of the month. It looks a little different now in that we go to school, go to college, pay for our student loans for the next 10 years, get a job, work long hours, miss time with our families, don’t take vacations and when we retire we have little to show for it. Einstein also said ” The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

It is time to find another way to get the desired results.

I wish I could convince everyone, and I mean everyone, of the importance of having a stream of residual income. We will turn flip the economy and change it for ever if everyone created a source of residual income! I would have been in big trouble last year when I lost my job if I wouldn’t have had a residual income business. We need to become a nation of entrepreneurs, like people were in the past.

One way that works for me is network marketing. Network marketing is a place where you can have your own business and yet be part of something bigger than you as an individual. My experience in the company that I am in is that it is like one big family. I know that sounds cliche but it’s true. If you are a distributor in this company you get support from everyone, not just people in your organization.

Network marketing is the best way to turn your finances around quickly. Like I said, my first goal was to make enough money to cover my mortgage payment. When I was working on recovering from losing my job that was paramount to my recovery. I am now making more through my business than what I am making at my part time job and within a few months that will double. I won’t need a part time job any longer and will be on the road to financial freedom, where I am in control of my money and how much I can make and where there are no limits on what I can make.

I am a big fan of Networking Times and I subscribe to their monthly journal. Here is a quote from Matt Parr that says it better than I can:

” We believe that as people come on board in network marketing, they’re looking for a place where they can be part of something bigger than themselves, and they are looking for something that’s going to turn their finances around. I believe we’re about to embark upon the greatest times we have ever seen for network marketing. Thanks to increased positive media attention, we are on the brink of a huge shift in the minds of the public. People who wouldn’t even have considered network marketing in the past are now seeing this as an ingenious business model.”

What an ingenious business model it is. It is free enterprise at it’s best and it is a profession that anybody can participate in no matter what education or culture you come from. It is about the freedom to build a business of your own, to call your own shots, to make as much money as you wish and to create the life of your dreams.

The shift in consciousness on the planet right now is about developing communities of support, reducing waste, living greener and eating healthy ,creating wellness and living the life of our dreams. The network marketing model fits right into that SHIFT because most of the products are cutting edge products that support the new consciousness and by its very nature it supports the development of community. I predict that some day we won’t be running to Wal-Mart or Target to make our next purchase but will be calling someone we know to purchase from them.

Self Sabotage Is there an App for that?

If there was an app for that I could just push the off button and it would leave me alone. If it was on my smart phone I could just throw it in the trash bin and be done with it, but no, it sneaks up on me when I am not looking and messes with me!

I have been thinking a lot about the saboteur the last few days in relationship to losing weight so I will talk about it in conjunction with weight loss, though it can come to us in many forms and mess with what ever we are dreaming. Self sabotage is a dream killer!

I want to lose at least 15 pounds in the next 6 weeks and since making the commitment all I can think about is food!! I don’t want to think about exercising AND I don’t want to drink 8 or more glasses of water. Would tea be okay? That has got to be the saboteur who is hungry and water is not going to satisfy it’s cravings. My saboteur is a procrastinator when it is active and if left to it’s own devices, healthy eating, drinking more water and exercise can wait until tomorrow. Where is that frick’n delete button?

The saboteur is not a green-eyed monster or a villain in a black hat and coat, but it is the enemy and it is us! It is more like the Invisible Man and we don’t see it until it is too late. It is that conversation that spins around in the back of our mind that we are not even aware of, telling us that just one more bite of chocolate is not going to make that big of a difference, and if it does there is always tomorrow.  It is that voice that says ” if you are going to have one, you might as well have a handful, you blew it already anyway!’

Self-sabotage is a combination of thoughts, feelings, and actions that create a roadblock to success by working against your own self-interests. It is when we consciously want something but subconsciously we make sure we don’t get it. It is like a game of mental tug-of-war playing with the unconscious part of us that was programmed a long time ago to think we didn’t deserve to have good things and if we did people would be jealous and think badly of us. I know, that doesn’t make any sense!

The conscious mind can carry out actions and work toward a goal, but it will not be long before the subconscious mind reveals the true feelings and beliefs and takes control over actions. Because it is unconscious that part often wins until we reach in their and give it a good shake, once and for all and tell it to just shut up!

The combination of women, weight loss and self sabotage has deeper implications. I believe that it goes beyond just personal sabotage to a collective saboteur in female clothing. It is kind of like a sheep in wolves clothing. I believe it goes deeper for women because so many of us use weight as a protection. When we weigh more there is a false sense that our weight will keep us safe because it creates a distance.

This saboteur duels with the collective beauty program. The unconscious voice tells us that if we are over weight we are not as beautiful, as sexy or as desirable, and if we are protecting ourselves from some unconscious fear that our boundaries will be violated, we believe what this voice says. We believe and have experienced that when we do weigh less, people penetrate our person space in uncomfortable ways. I have done a tango and a cha-cha-cha or two with these two characters.

So here is the shift! There is a purpose served by the saboteur in helping us to see all the angles and weigh all the options, BUT it can’t have the loudest voice! We don’t have to delete it completely but just dial it down a bit so it is not so blazing loud. The key to eliminating self-sabotage is making sure that your conscious and subconscious mind are in harmony. You may get away with lying to others but you can never get away with lying to yourself. You desire to have something has to be stronger than the negative voice. Believe in and have faith in yourself, that you can trust your true inner voice and that you will know how to live in a balanced way and eliminate self-sabotage from your life for good.

“Does THAT Thing Really Work?!”

People ask me this all of the time, when I bring up the Ultimate Body Applicator and what it does. I also hear ” I was talking to a friend and they said, don’t waste your time, those things don’t work, it is only water weight.”

Well friends, I am hear to tell you they really do work, and it isn’t water weight that you are losing.

First of all you are probably wondering “What is the Ultimate Body Applicator?”.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is and exclusive, herbal body contouring wrap. When people hear the word ‘wrap’ they think it is one of those wraps that removes water so you can lose inches but it comes back the next day. That isn’t what I am talking about at all. I don’t even like the word ‘wrap’ because it conjures that up.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is also a detoxification system. It is formulated to go into the skin and the synergy of all the ingredients push the toxins out of the fat cells where they hang out and make us sick, and pushes them in into the lymphatic system so they can flush out naturally. That is why you are asked to drink lots of water. The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump so it needs water to help it do it’s job. I have heard from practioners who use the ion foot bath and colon cleanse that because it is working from the outside in, it makes detoxing with other methods go to an even deeper level and do a more thorough job.

Not only does it detoxify, but it tightens, tones and firms the skin and minimizes the appearance of cellulite. It is great for body sculpting and contouring. And with all those toxins flushing out and all that firming, guess what? Almost everyone that I put the Ultimate Body Applicator on ends up losing inches in as little as 45 minutes and over 72 hours after taking it off more can be lost. My personal experience with the product is that I have lost 26 inches from my body, in 4 months using 12 Applicators. You might be saying “shut up!” right now, but it is true.

Losing inches is cool and all of that, but losing toxins is even better. Toxins hanging around in our fat cells and organs is not a good thing. They is making us sick and we all have them! Finding something to take them out is a good thing! The Ultimate Body Applicator is the only thing I know that does this job. So don’t make a big fuss if your friend lost inches with the Ultimate Body Applicator and you didn’t. You got rid of nasty toxins, I would be jumping for joy! Just keep using it and you will be amazed with your results and how good you feel.

Here is the cool part. This 11 x 22 inch patch can be placed anywhere on the body where you want to target and make a change. The other thing is, it is simple to use and affordable to purchase.

Now I bet you are saying, “Oh come on…that is to good to be true!” and I am saying back to you, “no it’s not!”  That is why the company is called ItWorks!

Check it out and see for yourself!