Holiday Boutique: Shamanic Rattle


Here is a wonderful healing tool that you won’t find anywhere else. Do you have someone on your list that is a healer? Maybe even a sound healer. Or maybe you want it for yourself. They can be used to clear and set a new energy in your space.

Each Rattle has a unique sound.

I was inspired to make healing rattles with bells on them 15 or 20 years ago. I learned later that ancient Celtic Shaman used bell rattles in their healing work. That was a lovely surprise because part of my heritage is Irish.

Each Rattle is created to capture the essence suggested by the driftwood which comes from the shores of Lake Superior. There are various totems, charms, beads, and bells that make each Rattle unique and bring specific energy to your healing work.

These Rattles are one of my biggest sellers on Etsy.

The commissioned ones sell for $111
I am creating 8 personalized Rattles for $99. When those 8 are sold they will go back to $111.

Hop over to Unleashing My Wild Creativity on Etsy to purchase a custom designed rattle or purchase one that is ready made.

Prophetic Art

I am posting this because it is a beautiful painting but because I noticed something interesting that I didn’t see before that is very profound. I hope you read the interpretation.

I am a visionary artist, so much of my artwork is prophetic. I paint my vision from a higher perspective. When I paint I am not thinking about what is coming through, I just listen and painted what I “hear” and “see” at a higher level.

I painted this on November 4th. If you look at the right side of the heart it looks like there is a bypass coming out of the side. It actually goes up and connects into the DNA/Tree of Life. I found out on the 8th that I needed to have the bypass, so 4 days after I painted this.

The painting is full of beauty, new beginnings (the eggs), Life (the tree of Life) and change ( the number 5) fertility (the earth) and it says that I am going to be amazing after the surgery. Life is actually coming out of the arteries in the form of eggs. The DNA is transforming into the tree of life. The crystalline core of the earth is sending energy to the heart. WOW!

I usually don’t get messages this fast, sometimes it takes years for me to understand what a painting is saying. This might not have meaning to anyone else but it is profoundly healing to me.

This message makes me really happy and gives me a lot of peace. I am so blessed to have this prophetic gift.


The base of the DNA in the painting that goes into the heart is almost the same as the actual bypass. See the drawing of the surgery on the heart pillow drawn by my surgeon. So the bypass has opened me to a new level of life.

A year of Joy!


I don’t make resolutions, set intentions or goals for the New Year. I pick a word that I want to align with. 2017 word/words were “Let go of resistance ” and man did I have a lot of opportunities to do that. I am happy to say I have been able to embrace non-resistance this year.

The word I have picked for 2018 is Joy.

I want to learn about what joy is, discover how in shows up in my life, and integrate it in me.

The dictionary definition of joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness, delight, triumph and glee. The emotion evoked by well-being. That is one state of joy, as a human emotion.

A higher spiritual level of joy is acceptance of what is occurring in the present moment and allowing it with gratitude no matter what the experience. Joy is a state of mind and an orientation of the heart. It is a settled state of contentment, confidence, hope and trust. Joy is deep within and doesn’t leave quickly like happiness might.

One form isn’t better than the other, they just occur at different levels in us.

How do we know joy?

Joy can only be felt if you stay in the present. It isn’t the same as happiness, which some people think. It’s a peaceful acceptance of what is occurring in the present moment. It’s allowing with gratitude for the experience. That’s joy. It isn’t a simple state to maintain but it’s possible to. The truth is you only have the present moment. Thinking about the past or worrying about the future bypass the parent moment and keep you from joy. In joy you choose to be okay in the moment no matter what is going on.


How do you set the tone for your new year? Do you sent intentions, make resolutions, create a vision board?

Thank you 2017!



Thank you 2017!
Some would look at the year I just experienced and say “Good riddance 2017”. It was painful, challenging, frightening and frustrating and filled with loss, yet the blessings I received diving into 2017 whole heartedly( pun intended) far out weigh the difficult experiences. I am not the same.
It was a deep dive into my authentic being.
I discovered parts of myself that were lost and long forgotten and released parts that no longer served me.
✨I learned about Love on a deeper level.
✨I learned how to be authentically me and that it’s okay to think differently and challenge the status quo.
✨I discovered what a true friend looks like and released those people no longer in alignment.
✨I learned the true meaning of letting go and going with the flow and how peaceful that feels.
✨I let go of old stories that were just stories. (stories we tell ourselves are just stories)
✨I learned to quietly listen to my soul and trust what it was saying.
✨I learned how to appreciate the small things with gratitude and watch them grow into big things.
✨I learned that you can love a tree and it will love you back.🌳
✨I learned that the love and adoration that comes towards me from two orange tabbies is more than enough a lot of the time. 😻😻
✨I learned that when it feels like I have nothing I am really surrounded by abundance if I open to it.
✨I learned that I have tons of friends around the world who hold me in love. Thank you all ❤️
Most of all I learned what it feels like to have an open heart ❤️ (Yes, I had to go to the extreme to do that, it takes what it takes!) My mind and heart are now working together, not working in opposing directions.

Some might imagine that 2017 has been a difficult year for me, which it has, yet it opened a new, expansive, peaceful reality that I couldn’t have gotten to any other way. To say my heart has been opened is an understatement.

I know presence, non-resistance, flow, peace and endless possibilities in a way that I couldn’t imagine.

There is no need to “figure things out”, make things happen, create stories so I think I understand. All of that is resistance and it blocks the flow.

It also doesn’t mean just letting things happen to me. It means lining up with all that is in my highest and best and moving joyfully with it, with an attitude of gratitude. It means becoming the flow and making inspired choices and taking inspired action.

This is freedom…
So thank you, 2017 and 2016 for all of the gifts. Would I want to do those years again? NO! It was a lot of terrible too! Yet I am grateful I did them once and I am carrying all of the gifts with me into 2018 and beyond.

Life is meant to be fun!!



Jim Henson said “Life is meant to be fun, and joyous and fulfilling ”  Who would know better then a guy who hung around with puppets? I think Jim accomplished that goal!

When I was a kid I believe that life was about having fun and experiencing joy and it was! Nothing was serious, everything was a crazy adventure! Sometimes I didn’t follow the rules, just for the sake of having fun.

Somewhere along the way everything got SO serious.  The social program of of doing things right, going to school, following directions, growing up and being and adult got dropped on me, just like it did on you.

Being real and authentically you disappeared for living up to the status quo, looking good and being responsible. All of this blocks the flow of what we really want.

I say NO MORE!  We can live, joyously, have fun and be fulfilled doing anything. And do you know that if you allow yourself to live that way more and more things that create those feelings will show up!

If you could change something to add more fun and joy into your life, so you could start magnetizing those thins, what would you add? Let’s chat in the comments and see what we come up with. Your ideas will surely inspire other people!

I am determined to find that sense of joy, fun and play and fulfillment again! Who wants to find it with me? 🦄🎨😻🤡👑🦋

Engaging the Muse



If you would like to know what this painting is for me, read on…

Following the question as it answers itself is always magical. I find myself asking questions and letting them answer.

This image rose from a question.

I was at a New Years Eve party and we were talking about how to remember dreams. The idea came up about engaging the dream muse, so she knew you were serious about remembering. Would your attention and engagement be enough that she would help you remember your dream?

As I was falling asleep that night I pondered ” What if you engaged the muses of your dreams and desires in the same way so they knew you were serious? Would they manifest because you were engaged?

This took me to ” What if you engaged the muse of your life that way? Not just giving it lip service, with fancy resolutions and big intentions. Truly engaging it as though it were a living energy. Taking it by the hand and running with it, rather then trying to be someone, do something or make something happen like we’re taught. Would life feel your authentic engagement and lead you on an amazing adventure?

I know from experience that if you are not attached to outcome, living fully in the present, truly engaged with life unexpected magic will happen. What do you feel?

This painting, which wasn’t planned out based on symbolic meaning, color placement, or anything preplanned. It sprang from my inner being in answer to this question “What would happen if you truly engaged with the muse of your life?”

The muse being that creative force within that is your source of inspiration, your non-attached inner dreamer who creates magic. The genius that is in all of us.

What happens when you ponder that question?

Shifting Reality Through Art

Yesterday was New Years Eve and I painted all day, for the first time since I had surgery. I hadn’t had the energy. I had a ton of energy yesterday. I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to because two images wanted to be expressed, one after the other. And they weren’t letting me leave them incomplete.

A couple days earlier I watched a video of Kyle Cease at the Moore, and a question he asked got a hold of me and wouldn’t let go.

The question “What is trying to emerge from me that I have never experienced before? What is my butterfly?” I kept asking it to myself over and over. I had decided that 2018 I would focus on JOY, so that was mixed in with the question. I felt I couldn’t experience joy because something was still in the way.

I pondered the question in my journal and the first image emerged in a sketch with a lot of tears. I felt sadness for my heart for what it had been through, not just physically but emotionally. There was a deep sense of sorrow both recent, past and ancient and universal and it could finally be released because my heart was now open and I could feel it. It was deep and painful.

I brought all that sorrow into the first painting and through the process it was released.

Near the end of the first painting the second image emerged. As I finished the first image I could see the second one in my minds eye. Releasing the old energy allowed for a bridge to open up to the new energy.  The bridge between one image and the other was profound. There was a minute second between on image releasing the old energy and the new image emerging to allow the new energy to come in.

I had released the sorrow and it made room for “My butterfly” to reveal itself.

This is the transformational power of art at its finest. I followed my soul promptings, I got out of the way and it lead me where I needed to go.

Now I am open to the JOY that awaits me.