Healthy Heart Tip 3



“No one told me about Lipoprotein (a). That’s right, I had never heard of it until it became an issue for me. If I would have known sooner, I could have taken steps to do something before I had the first heart attack. Elevated Lipoprotein (a) is a high-risk factor for heart attack and stroke, yet they don’t test for it, talk about it or treat it in the US because there is not a pharmaceutical drug to treat it. It has been a known risk factor in the US since 1997. That is 21 years of neglect as far as I am concerned. To get tested in the US you must find either a Naturopathic Doctor or Functional Medicine Doctor who can send it to an independent lab for testing.”
(From chapter 44 in Resilient Heart. )

This is a ticking time bomb for heart attack and an estimated 63 million people have it and don’t know. I was lucky to have survived 3 heart attacks because I discovered I had this issue on my own and learned how to treat it naturally.

It is tested using a simple blood test that should be standard practice like it is in Europe.

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Wander Lust…


I have traveled the world by myself. Finding my way in countries that didn’t speak my language. I learned so much about myself traveling alone.

I took 6 forms on transportation in Mexico to get to my destination in the mountains on one trip with out being able to speak the language and got to my destination. I was detained in the airport in Germany because they thought I had something suspicious in my bag and I had to trust that all was okay as they sort it out in German.

I always got where I was going.

I have learned so much more about myself with out leaving home the past 3 years. I think traveling the world prepared me for this inner journey. I have been in foriegn lands within myself and didn’t know the language. I have had to wait patiently while things got sorted out.

It’s not the destination but the journey that is most powerful. It’s about what rises from within to carry us where we are going.

I trust that the destination will be as magical as the lands I visited traveling the world.D2B01614-8EE6-4311-A4A8-6BEBB708440F

So Thankful…Happy Thanksgiving and Receiving


I have so much to be thankful for this year. Last year the week before Thanksgiving I had open heart surgery.

What a metaphor open heart surgery became. My chest had to be cut open to expose my heart so it could open wide. That opening challenged my innate independent spirit to its limit by making it into a year of receiving. I wasn’t use to receiving because when you are extremely independent you don’t think you need help from anyone and when you do you are embarrassed to ask!

In order to break through what I now recognize as a defense, I had to be push into a corner. I had no choice, I had to have help. I had to ask for it no matter how asking made me feel. The first week out of the hospital I had to let my kids do everything for me and I had to get use to it. That was hard for me.

My independence started when I was 4 years old from a traumatic hospital experience and my body has been trying to get my attention ever since. I don’t need to use our bodies for learning labs anymore!!! I don’t need to keep getting sick to learn how to receive.

Independence  is a double edged sword. You can feel strong and accomplished because you did it by yourself yet it is very lonely and painful when you need help and can’t ask.

Here is what I learned. The more I open to receive the more people graciously gave to me. I had to feel, explore and release every uncomfortable feeling and every belief system connected to receiving. Trust me there were many. I learned that it feels really good to receive.

Because I was willing to do that deep work I have received so much this past year on so many levels. I have felt love, support and kindness like I never felt before. If I were to make a list of each person it would be extremely long. I am thankful for everyone of you.

I am thankful for my Facebook community that has uplifted me and supported me in ways you might not know. You have held my healing in your hearts as if it were your own. I love you all for that ❤️

I am thankful for my heart, each heart attack and open heart surgery for getting my attention and showing me a new world view.

Giving and receiving are part of the circle of reciprocity, neither more important that the other. They work together. Some are better at giving and some are better at receiving. We have to become good at both if we want to experience true abundance. Once we understand that it becomes a beautiful dance. A dance that feels good from either side.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Receiving everyone!

Love Katelyn ❤️

Prophetic Art

I am posting this because it is a beautiful painting but because I noticed something interesting that I didn’t see before that is very profound. I hope you read the interpretation.

I am a visionary artist, so much of my artwork is prophetic. I paint my vision from a higher perspective. When I paint I am not thinking about what is coming through, I just listen and painted what I “hear” and “see” at a higher level.

I painted this on November 4th. If you look at the right side of the heart it looks like there is a bypass coming out of the side. It actually goes up and connects into the DNA/Tree of Life. I found out on the 8th that I needed to have the bypass, so 4 days after I painted this.

The painting is full of beauty, new beginnings (the eggs), Life (the tree of Life) and change ( the number 5) fertility (the earth) and it says that I am going to be amazing after the surgery. Life is actually coming out of the arteries in the form of eggs. The DNA is transforming into the tree of life. The crystalline core of the earth is sending energy to the heart. WOW!

I usually don’t get messages this fast, sometimes it takes years for me to understand what a painting is saying. This might not have meaning to anyone else but it is profoundly healing to me.

This message makes me really happy and gives me a lot of peace. I am so blessed to have this prophetic gift.


The base of the DNA in the painting that goes into the heart is almost the same as the actual bypass. See the drawing of the surgery on the heart pillow drawn by my surgeon. So the bypass has opened me to a new level of life.

Fifth Chamber of the Heart


Title: 5th Chamber of the heart.

About 12 hours before I had the first heart attack, on the Spring Equinox of 2016, I had a dream. In the dream, other worldly beings put a star tetrahedron in my heart and a vesica Pisces in my womb. I thought it had something to do with the Equinox. That was how this 18 month heart exploration and transformation began. This painting is the energetic depiction of that journey and where I am now.

Sacred geometry actives this whole process. That is why this is the most profound personal painting I have ever done.

Follow up image…the next step