Creating is High Play


Art making for me is an exploration and an adventure.

I don’t just sit down and put pen and ink, pencil or paint on paper or canvas. It is an immersion experience.

The visionary artist drop into their inner landscape, open to its message, gather it up and bring it back.

And then magic happens…interacting with the medium. Watercolor for example. I have hundreds of colors to choose from, because I paint with watercolor pencils and just exploring the color palette is high play. Next comes laying down colors next to each other and watching the energy that forms where they meet each other. That energy gives life to the piece. There is also the play that happens when water is added. Watching things unfold into the final image is exciting too.

The whole process is a magical experience engaging all of my senses. I get into the process and go into timelessness.

Do you know that in the last 25 years of art making I have never thrown a piece away and started over? I trust my process so much that I know that whatever happens is inspired to be the way it comes through. There are no mistakes. Things that are perceived as mistakes are where Spirit enters the work.

I wish I could trust my life that much.

Creating an Artists and Authors Festival

B & P header
I am heaven-bent on championing artists and writers by curating art-filled, fun events for artists and authors to show and sell their work and expand their reach in the community.  No more starving artists or authors!!!

We creatives have bought into the idea that because we have a gift of art or writing that we have to give it away.  It is easy for us to create so why should we ask a lot of money for what we create? Because we add value that no one else can add.  We have a unique way of seeing the world and expressing it through our craft that no one else can do.

Using the word “gift” to describe someone’s talent is part of the problem.  Yes, it is a gift that was given to us from our soul, God, Goddess, Spirit or the Universe or whatever you want to call it, but that does not mean we have to give it away.  If we underprice and undervalue our work we perpetuate the myth of the starving artist.

Have you ever been to an art show and someone next to use is selling their paintings for $20?  I have!  Not only are they devaluing themselves but they are creating an environment in the buyer that says art should be cheap.  If you think about it you know that a painting took more than say an hour, possibly 2 or 3 so, in essence, they are making between $5 and $15 an hour if you take off money for supplies.  So art is worth what you might pay for a Big Mac at McDonald’s and if it is any more than that it is priced too high?

That is the equivalent of selling your soul because you put your soul into what you paint.

Another thing I hear all of the time is “I have to mark it cheap so it sells because I have bills to pay.”  That statement comes from lack consciousness and a belief that if it isn’t cheap it won’t sell.   What if an art collector walked by, saw your $25, $75 or $100 painting and would have bought it if it was $1000 or more.  The same painting!  That actually happens!  Collectors like to show off what they buy and what fun is it to show off an amazing painting that you bought for $25.  $25 means it has little value.

So I am creating events where artists and authors are valued.  Where authors and artist support each other and the community takes notice.  For example, I will be interviewing each participant and posting the interviews in both of my blogs.  I will share on social media and ask each participant to share each blog on their social media.  Imagine the impact of 25 people sharing your interview on their social media pages.  That will touch a lot of people who the participant might never reach.  In order to build community before the event, I am having a gathering of all the vendors to get to know each other and brainstorm ways to improve attendance.

Brush & Pen is currently taking place at Blue Harbor Center for the Arts on Saint Paul’s West Side. The first event is August 18, 2018.  This is an intimate venue that will comfortably hold about 25 individual vendors.  Katelyn curates each show to make sure there is a diverse variety of artists and authors.  Individuals are invited to participate. There are no crafts in this show.

Imagine lots of people appreciating and buying art, strolling musicians, and lots of beauty.  Artists meeting authors and artists and authors meeting community! Followed by a meet the authors and artists networking event.

All the events are in the spirit of fun, creative expression, to showcase local artist and bringing the community together.

Prophetic Art

I am posting this because it is a beautiful painting but because I noticed something interesting that I didn’t see before that is very profound. I hope you read the interpretation.

I am a visionary artist, so much of my artwork is prophetic. I paint my vision from a higher perspective. When I paint I am not thinking about what is coming through, I just listen and painted what I “hear” and “see” at a higher level.

I painted this on November 4th. If you look at the right side of the heart it looks like there is a bypass coming out of the side. It actually goes up and connects into the DNA/Tree of Life. I found out on the 8th that I needed to have the bypass, so 4 days after I painted this.

The painting is full of beauty, new beginnings (the eggs), Life (the tree of Life) and change ( the number 5) fertility (the earth) and it says that I am going to be amazing after the surgery. Life is actually coming out of the arteries in the form of eggs. The DNA is transforming into the tree of life. The crystalline core of the earth is sending energy to the heart. WOW!

I usually don’t get messages this fast, sometimes it takes years for me to understand what a painting is saying. This might not have meaning to anyone else but it is profoundly healing to me.

This message makes me really happy and gives me a lot of peace. I am so blessed to have this prophetic gift.


The base of the DNA in the painting that goes into the heart is almost the same as the actual bypass. See the drawing of the surgery on the heart pillow drawn by my surgeon. So the bypass has opened me to a new level of life.

Living Life Like CRAZY!


One day I was looking for an image of an open heart for a blog I was writing. I wasn’t expecting a bunch of photos of open heart surgery. I had chose not to do research on it before surgery or after because I didn’t need to know. Needless to say I was taken aback.

I felt sad for my heart and what it’s been though. I could see how traumatizing and intrusive the surgery was and it explained the pain I am still having. I decided to cut myself some slack and let go of the impatience I had been feeling. I have so much I want to do and can only accomplish a small part of it each day. I stay present with that for the most part and sometimes I don’t.

My heart and spirit are so strong, that’s why I am still here. I have had a few exit points the last two years that I could have taken.

I love my earth experience, it’s beauty and it’s messiness and want to stay.

This journey brought me to the place where I am grateful to be alive and don’t want to waste a minute of it.

I am committed to:
Living my authenticity
Living my wildness
Living like crazy
Living out loud
Living in love

I can’t worry about what people think about me. Life is to short and it can change in an instant for any of us.

I am committed to:
Experiencing joy,
Being creative in everything I do
Being in love
Not holding back
Following the juicy flow of my life
Listening to and following my heart
Singing my soul’s song
And sharing life with like minded people who hold me in the highest regard.A8C71F44-7C67-4502-B2BA-5BE3BD04B7AD-1827-000003E21A0BBFC7

The Importance of Incubating an Idea


Sometimes it is crazy being a creative and visionary who thinks outside the box. If you are anything like me you understand because our minds are always popping with ideas.  When an amazing creative idea pops into my mind I get so excited that I want to share it with someone immediately.

I have to stop myself because I have learned the art and importance of incubating an idea.

Nature, a great role model of incubating, is teaming with examples. The egg, the seed the cocoon and the womb are all examples of incubators.

To incubate an idea means, to provide a protective environment where an idea can develop and mature. I see incubating as one step of the four stages of creativity, which are:

1: The Seed Idea Stage: That is the idea that seems to drop in from no where. It’s like the embryo, the caterpillar or seed in nature. It’s fragile and needs protection.

2: The Incubating Stage: This is where we provide protection from outside influence so our unique idea can grow and mature naturally. The idea is not ready for the light and needs the darkness in order to percolate.

3:The Building Energy Stage:  This is where the idea takes shape, and often transforms into something more powerful. Sharing our idea too early dilutes it and reduces its energy. Others might pooh pooh it, or try to distract you or claim it as their own if you share too soon.

4: The Release Stage: The idea has come to life and is ready to be shared with others. Did you know that if a butterfly is removed from the cocoon too early it either dies or is never able to fly. We want our creations to take wing and fly.  


All four stages are important to the successful launch of a creative idea.  There is not any set time and you will know when it is ready if you pay attention to your process.

I have this little journal to incubate my ideas.


Next time you get a creative inspiration step back before you share it and remember it needs to incubate.


Engaging the Muse



If you would like to know what this painting is for me, read on…

Following the question as it answers itself is always magical. I find myself asking questions and letting them answer.

This image rose from a question.

I was at a New Years Eve party and we were talking about how to remember dreams. The idea came up about engaging the dream muse, so she knew you were serious about remembering. Would your attention and engagement be enough that she would help you remember your dream?

As I was falling asleep that night I pondered ” What if you engaged the muses of your dreams and desires in the same way so they knew you were serious? Would they manifest because you were engaged?

This took me to ” What if you engaged the muse of your life that way? Not just giving it lip service, with fancy resolutions and big intentions. Truly engaging it as though it were a living energy. Taking it by the hand and running with it, rather then trying to be someone, do something or make something happen like we’re taught. Would life feel your authentic engagement and lead you on an amazing adventure?

I know from experience that if you are not attached to outcome, living fully in the present, truly engaged with life unexpected magic will happen. What do you feel?

This painting, which wasn’t planned out based on symbolic meaning, color placement, or anything preplanned. It sprang from my inner being in answer to this question “What would happen if you truly engaged with the muse of your life?”

The muse being that creative force within that is your source of inspiration, your non-attached inner dreamer who creates magic. The genius that is in all of us.

What happens when you ponder that question?

Visionary art Defined


Image 27 from Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck

by Katelyn Mariah, Visionary Artist

Watercolor painting 5-15-1996

This is one of my favorite images and I will let my late friend Ron Mangravite explain the meaning. Ron always told me he wanted to support my work how ever he could because he felt it was important for people to see it.  I am so happy that I have a recording of his presentation about my work and some of my images.  This way he continues to support me even from the other side.  At the time I was creating this body of work and the time of his presentation I had very little knowledge of symbolism, tarot or metaphysics.

“This is a gem. When one is familiar with a conventional tarot deck you know that the purpose of the major arcane is to depict a journey, which begins with the fool and ends with the magician.  The fool is poised at the edge of a cliff ready to step off blindly not knowing where he is going.

Here is the equivalent of the beginning and end of Katelyn’s journey.  She is poised on the edge of a cliff but instead of stepping off blindly she is launching a liberated and enlightened being, a bird that can fly to the heavens and inform her. In the Egyptian mythology a falcon rather than an eagle, which she is launching is the transformed Pharaoh.  This Goddess, poised on the precipice, instead of leaping over blindly is sending ahead of her a conscious being.

She carries the moon of the Goddess and she is androgynous, crowned with the horns of the horned god, Cernunnos. The fool in the tarot deck has as an accompaniment, a puppy, happily barking at his side. This Goddess is accompanied by an armadillo, which is another form of lesser life.  She is taking lesser life and transforming it into a falcon, an enlightened being.

There are also twin waterfalls.  The water is a symbol of the Goddess.  The waterfalls are an outpouring of the Goddess’ energy, liberating it out into the universe.  The twin signs are because women are inherently dual in nature as the dark and bright Goddess and cause the unification of their existence through these twin forces.  There is a card in the conventional tarot deck called the Priestess. On either side of her thrown are twin columns.  These waterfalls are the equivalent of these twin columns. By putting those twin columns in, this initiate would say to the master, these are my twin columns, they are not static they are alive with outpouring water.

So this is very clearly not just a fool beginning a journey or a magician at the end of the journey, this is the priestess who is able to turn the armadillo into the hawk and send enlightenment out before her.”

Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck is still available at: just send Katelyn a note.

INfusion of Angelic Light

This article is about an idea I had in 2003.  I wondered if it was possible to make a higher level connection with a musician friend and see if I could create an image and he could create a piece of music and somehow they would be connected.  I had a sense that there would be overlapping connection in the music and the art and I was right. I knew how to set sacred space and invite my friend into it before we began the creation process.  Read the story of what happened out of this connection.  This article will take you inside of the minds of two artists as they co-create together.

This is the same process that I use when I create a soul portrait for someone.

(This is an abridged version of the original article published by the Edge Magazine from July 2003)


                    ECSTASY, BY KATELYN MARIAH


Two artists create, embody and present gifts of love from Spirit

by Katelyn Mariah and Aryk Allyn

This is the story of the birth of INfusion of Angelic Light, which started as an experiment and quickly turned into an initiation and transformational process that changed both the lives of two artists.  INfusion of Angelic Light is a technology that brings one back to their authentic power.  As Gary Zukav points out in Seat of the Soul, authentic power is gained when the personality aligns with the soul.  the soul knows your path, your talent, your conception, experience, and life lessons.  Your soul wants to bring you to the the point of awakening and so you can exist in a state of joy and peace.

The process of creating and integrating each INfusion has been a return path to authentic power for Aryk and Katelyn.  INfusion of Angelic Light can work that way for anyone who uses it.

INfusion of Angelic Light

INfusion of Angelic Light is a new technology of Light and Love that is inspired by the angelic realm, in concert with two visionary artists. “intimation” and “Integration” is the first in a series of meditation decks that uses a new technology called INfusions, which support spiritual development and transformation.  INfusions are music and paintings that are alive with resonance that reaches far beyond the material world.  The vibrational music and images in this deck resonate with ethereal energy that speaks the language of the soul through sound, color, symbol, numbers and movement.

Each INfusion is a key to a precise and specific energy.  The energy penetrates the consciousness and brings to the surface everything that is not in alignment with itself.  Art and music bypass the cognitive processes and touch the heart and soul, lovingly and gently meeting the person where they are on their evolutionary path. An INfusion of energy occurs.  New energy enters the cells and they are changed.  Seeds of light are planted within each person.  When viewed and listened to as a complete piece the energy is more powerful and alive.

Each INfusion was created through a higher self to higher self connection between Katelyn and Aryk.  The music and paintings were created simultaneously, in a three-hour period with Aryk in his studio and Katelyn 25 miles away at her studio.  There was no other connection during the process.  Katelyn set sacred space and made a connection with Aryk on a higher level.  Through this connection the angels came forward and guided the process of creating image and music that conveyed a specific message.

Each piece was created without preconceived ideas and the images, symbols and sounds that came through were unfamiliar to them. After the pieces were created the symbols, colors and number sequences were researched and compared and they were found to mirror and support each other perfectly.  The symbols that came through were a unique new representation of a blend of universal and cross-cultural symbolism that brought together a cohesive message.


The idea to do the first INfusion was Katelyn’s. It was an experiment to see if Aryk a composer and Katelyn, a visionary artist, could connect with one another on a soul level and simultaneously create music and art that had some kind of relatedness.  They both had a strong connection to the angelic realm.  Going into this experiment they had no idea what if anything would happen.

Katelyn: “Where is the beginning when you are involved in a process like this? The idea that two people can make a soul to soul connection with on another from 25 miles away, without any conversation, connect with the angelic realm and create something reflective of the other seems impossible.

Is is made possible by years of personal work and inner clearing, which I have done, or by the belief that it is possible and the opening created by the energy?  From the moment we met, our connection defied space and time. It was like a reunion of two souls who have known one another forever.  Could it be that this eternal connection made it possible for us to create INfusions, which is what we call each piece that is the blending of art and music?  Or is it the childlike innocence that we both retain that has made this possible?  Questions…

Aryk: “The process of creating INfusions begins with the belief that two or more individuals can somehow connect into on spiritual consciousness.  Far-fetched? No more than a congregation praying together on a common theme, like peace in the world, and expecting that it will make a difference and possibly bring about peace.  If one believes in the existence of angels, why not communicate with them and allow them to communicate with us?  Belief and making the attempt are the key.”

Whatever the case may be, Katelyn and Aryk have created a process of connecting with each other and the angelic realm that is not only real, but it also brings through them wisdom that is Trans-cultural and timeless.

Everything that has happened since the beginning of INfusion of Angelic Light has been driven by something of a higher realm.  Katelyn and Aryk were directed to do this in a certain way and given information about what was happening. There were to do 22 INfusions, one every 4 days for three hours.  As both artists went on, they learned that the first 11 were called “INitiation” because the series took one through an initiation that brought into view and released anything that was not light or love. The second 11 were called “INtegration” because the initial steps taken in the first set cleared the way for an integration of spiritual light with the physical being.


Katelyn: “I have always been intrigued by ritual and ceremony and have found ways to integrate it into my life, as I feel it gives focus to my intentions. People have been using ceremony in this way since time began. It was natural for me to create a ceremony to use to connect with Aryk and the angelic realm for the INfusion process.

“My ceremony for this process included lighting candles, creating sacred space, meditation and connecting chakra to chakra with Aryk.    I created each painting sitting lotus style in front of my shrine.  I did the same process each time I connected.  My process also included preparing my creative space so that I have all of my supplies within reach so I don’t have to stop to get something.

“Every four days Aryk and I determined a time to connect. At the appointed time. I connected with him through my ceremony and I could feel the energy shift immediately.  When I invited the angels into my space, I felt the energy enter through the back of my head. We stayed in this soul connection for three hours and created without any physical contact. Each of us completed our work in 3 hours.  To complete a piece of art in three hours, one must commit to accepting what comes through them without questioning it.”

Aryk: “For my part, I am not one long on ceremony, but I do take time for an hour before the agreed upon time of beginning to be calm and try to center myself.  Perhaps, I will meditate, perhaps not, depending on the energy I am feeling.  I try to let myself become clear and free to allow energy to flow easily through me. Sometimes I pace the floor before starting to compose, and sometimes I lay on the couch or floor and  close my eyes.

About 20 minutes before the INfusion hour, I turn on my computer and sound equipment and set up a new project in my software, initiate a percussion track, and save it as the new INfusion.  Then I will tune my 12 string guitar and my 6 string guitar.  This is about as much ritual as I practice.  The tuning of my guitars is my real meditation.  It focuses me and prepares the way for whatever music will be forthcoming.”


Love by Katelyn Mariah


Katelyn: “I have been doing visionary art for 25 years.  I worked for a number of years to clear myself so that I could step out of the way and let my art create itself, using me as a vehicle.  As others became familiar with my work, I was told that I was tapping into other levels of consciousness and Trans-cultural wisdom and that it was springing naturally through my artwork.   I learned that I could make a connection between my higher self and another persons higher self and create soul portraits.  The images that came through the connection spoke to them in personal ways and touched them deeply.  

With this in mind the idea of connecting with another person on a soul level was not foreign to me.  What was new is connecting with another person and consistently coming up with the same information as we were with INfusions. 

So now that the connections is made and sacred space created I get an initial visual impression in my third eye, which I sketch in the journal that chronicles this process.  After the images comes an intuitive message which I also write in my journal.  I found that when I went back to read what I wrote I was surprised not to remember it.  After the message is written I begin to by making a light sketch of the image on the paper in gray watercolor pencil.  Once this is done I am lead on a journey to complete the image.

At first, the images I painted in this process had a simple and naive quality to them that I questioned, because they were not reflective of my artistic ability.  Part of my process was to accept that they were exactly what they needed to be.  After completing 14 pieces, I could see the perfection in that simplicity and naivete were reflecting the initiation process as it occurred.

The process of creating INfusions and INfusion of Angelic Light changed my life, released me from old belief systems that had challenged me for years, and made me more capable of loving unconditionally.  

Aryk:  At the appointed hour, I sit calmly in from of my computer with my 12-string plugged in and ready to play.  Sometimes I played random chords and notes, sometimes not.  When the INfusion really begins in earnest, I begin to play something that has a sense of completeness.  It has a feeling that is unique and purposeful and I know it is “the music”. I analyze the music enough at the onset to put down a basic repetitive percussion part that captures the rhythm of the piece so that I can play with that throughout the composition.  This ensures that the entire piece will be rhythmically tight.

Once I create the percussion track, I continue with the creation of the 12 string guitar part having no idea what I am going to play next. Eventually, I reach a point in the composition that culminates in a finish.  this is the end of the INfusion as far as the basic structure of the composition.  Usually, it is obvious at this point because there is some kind of flourish that signifies finality.

“After saving the work, I then add a bass part accompaniment to the 12-string track and a complementary 6-string guitar part.  During the addition of the bass and 6-string parts, I am still in spiritual connection with Katelyn.  The parts often seem to play out in a particular style that fits the piece.  Sometimes a definite motif is developed or a particular rhythmic part that is essential in giving the piece its own definition and characteristic mark.  Only after all the parts have been recorded and saved do I begin to break the spiritual connection.

It really is quite an amazing phenomenon.  I feel complete gratitude and humbleness to be part of something so beautiful and profound.  My life has changed and transformed and I feel that I am an improved individual from this effort.”

Some of the INfusions have energy in them that brought the artists to joy and ecstasy while others brought them to deep levels of inner crisis.  Parts of the process were very painful, exhausting and on a couple of occasions so intense that each of them wanted to quit.  Something always pushed them to continue.

Katelyn: “At the end of our three hours Aryk called me and we talked about what had occurred.  After the first session we were both stunned at how perfectly in sync the art and the music were.  We wondered if it could happen again or if it was just a fluke.  After the fourth image, we were convinced that something real was happening and we were able to settle into trusting the process.  Many synchronicities occurred of the months we were in this process.  For example, in the middle of one of the sessions I needed to go downstairs to use the bathroom and on my way back up to my studio I hit my knee really hard on the top step and nearly passed out.  I had to lay down for a few minutes to recover.  At the same moment Aryk’s computer locked up and he had to reboot it. Thank God he had saved it along the way or it would have been lost.  I have chronicled many other synchronicities in my journal.

With each piece we created we continued to be in awe about having the same feelings at the same time, of finding numerical sequences that showed up in the art and the music and the image and symbolism that showed up that were reflective of deep esoteric teachings that neither of us were aware of before hand. These teachings were also reflected in the messages I would receive at the beginning of the session.

Aryk: “I am never short of amazement every time I do and INfusion with Katelyn.  Something quite profound happens every time and we have always connected with similar emotions, if not exactly the same ones.  Numbers are shared between us and Katelyn may have a pattern of stars in her image that is reflected in some part of the music.  Often, if she has an object that appears, say, six times, the meter of the composition may be in six, or they is a rhythmic pattern that is six.  Words are shared with us and often after competing an INfusion, one of us will express words that the other has written down.”


Compassion by Katelyn Mariah


Through the process of creating INfusion of Angelic Light and living with them for six months Katelyn and Aryk discovered that each of the INfusions is a bridge to self-knowing.  An INfusion of pure Love permeates one at the cellular level and purifies the path to self-love, understanding, union and wholeness.

We quickly discovered that we would recycle through the 22 INfusions two more times and the entire process of creating them and experiencing them to us on a 9 month journey.  The initial creation process was a process of Knowing.  We began to know the energy that we had created as it shed light on everything that was not like itself and we moved to release and clear old belief systems.

The second process was on of Experiencing the energies first hand as we went through a vision quest process that took each of us deeper into ourselves and helped us see behavior patterns that no longer served us.

The final stage was one of Being in which we became the energies of each  INfusion.  The entire process has brought us to a new place of center and authentic power which is the source of Love and creativity in each of us.

I hope this article gives you an idea and understanding of what is possible through a spiritual connection.  When we connect with each other at the soul level, magic happens.


My Journey to Becoming a Visionary Artist-Part Three of Four

I am going to let someone else tell this part of the story, because up until this point I didn’t realize what I had done. I was just following my spiritual/creative impulse and painting.  Ron Mangravite was an expert on this sort of thing. I met Ron at a monthly Salon that one of my friends had at her home.  I happened to have brought my portfolio of Goddess paintings with me and I was sitting next to Ron and he asked to see them.   As he looked at the first image, he said I see you have this symbol and that symbol and this.  He looked over at me and said “You don’t know what I am talking about do you?’  I said “No”.  What Ron was seeing in my paintings  were significant universal markers of higher consciousness.  There were themes running through the paintings from ancient cultures around the world that I couldn’t possible link together unless I had studied Mythology and Symbolism for years like he had.  I was stunned by what he was saying to me. So here is and excerpt from his presentation for the launch of “The Awaken The Goddess Meditation Deck”   6640518

Reflections on Katelyn’s art work given in 1996 by the late Ron Mangravite (Spiritual teacher and expert in the universal nature of symbolism, mysticism and mythology) at the opening exhibition of her “Awaken The Goddess” meditation images
x “What I am here to share with you is some relatively academic knowledge which I thought was rather superficial and well known to Katelyn, but to my surprise, none of her work came out of academic studies.  It just came up out of where it is supposed to come out of, which doesn’t really happen much anymore.  For me this presentation is a question of introducing a real live person who is doing extraordinary stuff.
This is not an opening of just some pretty exciting art, this is a public introduction to a woman who has found her inner identity in such a way that it transcends anything she is as a citizen, and inhabitant of Minneapolis, even as a woman and certainly as an artist.
I began studying exactly what is happening in the consciousness of a person who can get theses phenomenal telepathic test scores, who can heal someone by touching them with their hand, who can walk into a so called haunted house and precede to describe with relative accuracy the past history of some of the people who lived there.  Where does that come from?  Rather than saying that it’s a weird thing, I wanted to know the why of it.  The pursuit of that converts the searcher.  I became a mystic and then discovered some of the things that are going to give me great pleasure to point out how Katelyn is also discovering these things.
If people have discovered that they are driven to this search to find mystical openings for some kind of spiritual awareness, they traditionally tried to find ways and means of allowing their inner cravings to somehow take form.  They try to find ways to get them up and out of themselves and find a medium of expression.  What people do if they are fortunate is to find an established group or teaching methods.
It was known that in order for a person to understand something of what lay ahead in the metaphysical path to enlightenment they had to first understand themselves.   They had to understand and sort through their own identify and distinguish between those elements which were imposed by culture, and those elements which were genuine to them and those elements which were universal.  this involved a tremendous amount of inner pain and searching because when you are trying to tell the difference between what is you and what is simply an appendage, the only way you can do it is to cut it and see if it bleeds.  Artists who are working, whether in fiction, or the graphic arts, or in dance or anything else, know that if they are going to do something that has never been done before it has to be covered with their own blood.  It has to be a thing that comes from a piece of their own flesh, taken out of the body and molded.
A master of such initiates would look at the images they dredge up from their subconscious and know instantly whether they were simply copying stuff that was in the air, whether they were taking designs from the wall, or whether they had found someone else’s pictures.  They would know whether this was their truth or not.  If it was their truth this would have in fact been a masterpiece that would allow you to graduate and say, “I know my own identify, I am free to do this”.
In attempting to find her identity, which is the Goddess, and find ways she could manifest, she apparently went down deep enough to get totally past Katelyn, to get totally past everything but her femininity, because these images are the Goddess.  Katelyn dug down deep enough to get past anything that is the person and found real legitimate expressions that came from such a mixed bag of a culture that it would be very difficult for her to have truly cheated.  She does not know that some of these symbols are Babylonian, Sumerian, Chinese, and Welsh.  She cold not possibly known without at least 10 or 15 years of study.  She could not have made this mixed bag up by faking it.  It has to come from someplace very real.
And therefore, I am extremely privileged to be here to be more or less, the official midwife to announce to the world that this is not just an artist – Katelyn is an initiate of consciousness.”
Ron Mangravite
I sat in the audience that night will a room full of friends and I was as stunned as they were as he went through about 15 paintings and told us what they were saying.
Ron was a big supporter of my artwork and he had a big impact on me in the short time I knew him.  He was going to write a hand book for the meditation deck and talk about the meaning of each of the images in the deck.  I was hesitant because I wanted people to interpret them for themselves and get their own understandings.   I regret not having him do it for a number of reasons.   I realize in retrospect that it is difficult for the average person to interpret visionary art.  Ron died suddenly two years after this presentation so it was no longer even possible.
He was the founder of Foundation Mystery School in South Carolina and one time I asked him if I could join the school and study with him.  He said I already knew everything that he was teaching and didn’t feel I would benefit.
 Ron Mangravite 1933-1998 Rest in Peace
More about Ron
In part Four of my Journey to Become a Visionary Artist I will talk more about my creating process.