Another World Goddess


Awaken the Goddess Day 6

This Goddess appears to be in another world on another planet.  It often feels that way when you have made a big shift and transformation in your life.  Everything seems foreign and you don’t know how to navigate this new environment.

It is possible that she has entered this foreign land through the dream time given that she has a lizard on her skirt.  Lizard is often used as a symbol for the dream time in many cultures.

She brought with her her medicine bundle, which holds all of her tools for connecting with her higher self.  As long as she is connected in this way she will learn how to navigate the new landscape as she will be guided and protected in her quest.

She is surrounded by water so the potential of being overwhelmed by her emotions is very real and would be expected for someone who is in a new space that she doesn’t understand.  She is holding the moon above her head suggesting that she is in contact and control of her emotional side and it won’t get in the way as she learns to live from a new space within.

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Awaken the Goddess Meditation Day Five

kundulini goddess

When I created this deck it came from a place of pure potentiality and not from the intellect so I didn’t know what they meant I just painted them as they showed up, which was fast an furious. It was me connecting to the energy of the Goddess and bringing forth the image I saw. I painted 44 Goddess images in 2 months and many images didn’t get captured because they were coming so fast. I didn’t even know what kundalini was when I painted this.

To me, at least as I read this card to day, I see the true depiction of kundalini energy.

Here is the description of Kundalini:
KUNDALINI – (Sanskrit kund, “to burn”; kunda, “to coil or to spiral”) a concentrated field of intelligent, cosmic invisible energy absolutely vital to life; beginning in the base of the spine when a man or woman begins to evolve as wisdom is earned. Kundalini has been described as liquid fire and liquid light. The ultimate outcome of kundalini is the union of Will (sakti- kundalini), Knowledge {prana-kundalini) and Action (para- kundalini)

This Goddess sits on a coiled snake which has burst into flame at the base of her spine. It rises up the spine and opens the lotus of the crown chakra and is released. I remember the first time my crown chakra opened. It felt like hundreds of flower petals opening at the top of my head.

I love how an egg is releasing a bird in this image. It is as though the process of awakening the kundalini is giving birth to something new.

What do you see?

Awaken the Goddess Meditation Day 4

enlightened fool

Her is what this card said today,
This is about new beginnings, like the fool going on a journey, but after integrating the mundane through the body, into the spirit. She is the Enlightened Fool. Having done the inner work she is now ready to navigate the world in a conscious way.

As you see, she is sending out a guide before her to check out what is ahead. This represents spiritual wisdom and intuition. This is an empowered place of action. She is now deeply connected to Spirit and ready to explore her new world from a higher space, unlike the fool who goes off on a journey spontaneously, unprepared and ungrounded, hoping for the best.

This is what the late Ron Mangravite said about this card at the launch for the Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck.  The above image and all the images in this deck were channeled through me and Ron was speaking about how I had woven symbols from numerous places to pull together a complete esoteric meaning without even know I was doing that.

” This is a gem. When one is familiar with a conventional tarot deck you know that the purpose of the major arcane is to depict a journey, which begins with the fool and ends with  the magician.  The fool is poised at the edge of a cliff ready to step off blindly not knowing where he is going.

Here is the equivalent of the beginning and the end Katelyn’s journey. She is poised on the edge of a cliff but instead of stepping off blindly she is launching a liberated and enlightened being.  A bird that can fly to the heavens and inform her.  In the Egyptian mythology a falcon rather than an eagle, which she is launching here is the transformed Pharaoh.  The Goddess, poised on the precipice, instead of leaping over blindly is sending ahead of her a conscious being.

She carries the moon of the Goddess and she is androgynous, crowned with the horns of the horned God Cernunnos.  The fool in the tarot has an accompaniment a  puppy, happily barking at his side. This Goddess is accompanied by an armadillo, which is another form of lesser life.  She is taking a lesser life and transforming it into a falcon, an enlightened being.

There are also twin waterfalls.  The water is a symbol of the Goddess.  The waterfalls are an outpouring of the Goddesses energy, liberating it out into the universe.  The twin signs are because women are inherently dual in nature as the dark and bright Goddess and cause the unification of their existence through these twin forces.

There is a card in the traditional tarot deck called the Priestess. On either side  of her throne are the twin columns.  These waterfalls are the equivalent  of these twin columns. By putting them in this painting the initiate is saying master these are my twin columns, they are not just static they are alive with an out pouring of water.

So this is very clearly not just a fool beginning a journey or the magician at the end of the journey, this is the priestess who is able to turn the armadillo into the hawk and send enlightenment out before her.”


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Awaken the Goddess Meditation Day Three

Alchemical Goddess

Here is today’s pick from the meditation deck that I created, Awaken the Goddess. It is great for anyone who wants to work with the deeper aspects of the Divine Feminine/feminine energies.

This is one of my favorites and even when I was painting her I thought she was an Alchemical Goddess. She is the perfect pick for today. It’s also uncanny given all the wind we have this morning.

The healing process is an alchemical process. Something goes out of balance, in this case your heart. Through the process of returning to wellness there is an alchemy that happens that brings you back into balance.

Some of it happens on the physical plane, but most of it happens in the emotional and spiritual as you embrace and process feelings and emotions that result from the imbalance, gain new understanding about who you are, integrate that understanding and return to wellness as someone new.

This Goddess suggests that it can happen at lightning speed. If you can allow this process to happen organically, trusting your Inner Physician it can be easy and effortless.

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Awaken The Goddess Day Two


My art work is my oracle…My connection to the divine.
Today’s pick from Awaken the Goddess is this ancient fertility goddess. Because these images come from a place in me that is deep and pure I didn’t know what it was until a friend told me. She said she showed it to a friend who was from So Africa and that person said ” How does Katelyn know about the South African Fertility rights?”

Both corn and fish are about fertility and abundance.

So my reading on this card is that something that is yet revealed to me is about to be born. It will be something new to me, something I wasn’t even thinking of. I find the geometric shapes in her hands to be very curious because I don’t know what they are but they look magical. There is a pendent at her heart that shows energy is moving (thank god!)

Now that my heart is opened the possibilities have just expanded for me and magic will happen and the energy is moving to support change.

There is so much more going on in this image but I will leave it at that. What do YOU see?

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Awaken the Goddess Day One

goddess card1

I decided to work with a meditation deck that I created 20 years ago, Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck. There are many people around the world still using this deck.

I am going to use it to ask for guidance in this process I am in. Each image speaks differently according to who is looking at it so if you see something that stands out to you please comment. I have a lot of visionary and psychic/ shamanic friends so I know there might be more here. It might help me go deeper into the image.

It is interesting I picked this one because when I woke up this morning I was thinking “It’s a good thing eagle is one of my animal spirits.”

So this is a great Goddess to start with. She is moving forward with vision like the eagle. She hold a tree branch in front of her heart that looks like it is sprouting new leaves. Perfect for my healing heart. She has the sun and the tree of life at her solar plexus, which is her power center. I know I am moving forward with vision and strength even though it doesn’t feel that way right now. I always come to a place of movement, power and new vision when I go through these kind of challenges. This card literally leaped from the deck so I know it is making an important statement to me.

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