What’s in a Name?


22 years ago today I legally changed my name. I picked both a new first name and a new second name. Katelyn Mariah. I really don’t have a last name but the government insisted that I had a last name so that had to be Mariah, though I’m really not Ms. Mariah. I am Katelyn Mariah, which means Pure Wind.

When you change your name your life changes. Your name has a frequency and vibration and there is a color and tone assigned to each letter and your name as a whole. The numerology has change. So when people say your name to you, you are hearing a new vibration and frequency and over time it changes you. You become a new person.

It’s important to give it a lot of thought before changing your name because it changes everything.

I remember that process taking three years and it wasn’t easy because everything that didn’t align with the new frequency had to drop away.

The interesting thing that happened to me was the day I changed my name no one called me by my old name again. Not my family, friends or even my coworkers. I had chosen the right name and everyone knew it.


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