Visionary Art and Dissolving a Parathyroid Tumor.


The most amazing thing just happened. I got the image this morning of liquid gold energy flowing over the tumor. I just started working on the image now.

I always draw with pencil first. I drew everything included the tumor which was really small.

The next step is to go over the whole thing with black ink and then erase all of the pencil. Each step is programming my psyche and telling my body what I intend to happen.

So I started painting the gold which you see in the photo. All of the sudden I said “Hey, where is the tumor?” I realized it was gone! I had forgotten to outline it in ink so I erased it while I cleaned up the pencil!!!!!

There are no mistakes when working with visionary are. The universe sends me direct messages through my paintings.

This is an affirmation from the universe that my mission is accomplished. It tells me the tumor IS gone.

The metaphor isn’t lost on me!
This was an OMG moment for me! ❤️



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