Dare to Dream…Dissolving a Parathyroid Tumor


Finally, a doctor who took me seriously!

When I saw the surgeon about surgery to remove the tumor, I told him I would dissolve it and asked if he would repeat the blood work. He is going a step further and ordered a new scan!

I have a month to complete my end of the deal.

I believe if it isn’t gone already it’s close.

But as soon as I had the follow up appointment schedule a bit of doubt crept in.

Children often hear, “Don’t get your hopes up” from well meaning adults who are trying to protect them from failure. If you hear that or something similar enough it becomes and unconscious program. I heard this a lot growing up.

It stops the dreaming…

It gets in the way of manifesting because we get wishy washy with our intentions. Fear of failure is in the back of our mind every time we want something big. It’s our default.  I was getting a bit wishy washy and has to stop myself. I had to remind myself where it was coming from and how it didn’t help me dream this dream of dissolving a tumor.

Do you realize how powerful you are? We can dream big things and they can happen because we believe they can. We are all creative beings. Things can happen because we trust that they can without a shadow of a doubt.

Instead of thinking what if I fail…what if you succeed?

I believe I will succeed! I feel like I have a sacred responsibility to succeed to shift the paradigm for my doctors, myself and anyone else following my journey.  Nothing would be served by me having to have major surgery to remove this.



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