Art combined with Quantum Energy for healing


I have studied vibration and frequency, which is quantum energy for many , many years. We are made up of quantum energy. Every shaman I have studied with used frequency and vibration in their work.


We need quantum energy to bring our body back into homeostasis which will help with anything that is out of balance, mentally,emotionally, physically and spiritually.
That’s why I am so excited about Aegea. They have found a way to isolate the quantum frequencies that we need, into sacred geometric shapes and holograms that we can wear 24/7 so our body is nourished with what it needs. Working with quantum energy medicine is the fastest, most efficient way to give your body what it needs to stay balanced.

So imagine what a powerful addition this is to help me dissolve the parathyroid tumor.  I am able to stay centered and focused on what I want to create  which is so important when we want to heal. It is easy to flip back an forth because we can’t see if what we want is really happening. I can’t see the tumor. In order for it to dissolve like I want it too I have to believe it will.

These Aegea stickers are supporting me to do that.

Experience them for yourself by getting a sample pack at DiscoverAegea


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