Painting Six of Dissolving the Parathyroid Tumor



The symbols represent the three main energy centers/chakras that impact the heart. The throat chakra at the top, the thymus chakra/high heart and the heart chakra. The thymus chakra is over the top of the heart directly over the tumor. I was guided to painting these three chakra center and have their energy permeate the heart and the tumor.

Each of the energy centers is a specific color.  The color entering the heart and tumor will heal it.

I realized that the heart chakra and the high heart chakra both have the six pointed star on them. Before I had the first of three heart attacks I had a dream of a ritual where the six pointed star was placed in my heart. I believed it was to activate the balance of masculine and feminine in my heart. I now know that it was for the high and high heart.

Energetically, the thymus is linked to the higher heart chakra, which is often described as “seat of the soul”. It represents the transpersonal aspect of the heart, that is, unconditional divine love. Unconditional love is free of ego, therefore a healthy higher heart facilitates spiritual growth and deep inner transformation.

Opening our thymus chakra enhances our willingness to forgive and to show compassion. Unlocking it corresponds to flinging open a window for your soul to work through in the material world. Often, people who get in touch with their ascended heart will desire to hand its gifts on to others because, as receptacles of divine love, they also feel it flowing from them like water from a spring.

This was the missing piece in my quest to learn what this dream was about. The Parathyroid tumor showed me this. I was shown this by asking “ What is the connection between the throat chakra and the heart”.  The thymus chakra is right in between the two and isn’t talked about as much as the 7 main chakras.

You can see the tumor, marked with a “t”, is a lot smaller than it was in the first painting. This is what my body is telling me. I haven’t even entertained the idea of surgery since I started this process. That is very telling to me.

Any thoughts, feelings, observations?