Detoxing is a Good Sign!


After several days of focus, deep processing and painting with and about the parathyroid tumor, I found myself feeling so tired I just wanted to lay down the last two days. I have a slight headache, joint and muscle pain and exhaustion.

I forgot about the detox that happens during healing as your frequency raises!!!

  • Headaches
  • Cold symptoms
  • Muscle Soreness
  • Lethargy and Tiredness

These physical symptoms are cues that your physical body is actively processing and releasing the energetic debris (stagnant emotions and thoughts) that you are now letting go of.

Think of what is going on as a whole body detox, also called an energy purge.

I am also releasing two years of medical tests using chemicals, surgical procedures, anesthesia and pharmaceuticals. No wonder I have had these symptoms on and off from over two years!

This is why the commitment to evolve is so challenging. It gets messy and uncomfortable and it is easy to miss interpret what is happening.

It would be easy to think you had gone backwards or that things were just getting worse and give up. Believe me I have felt that way the last couple of days. I have felt disheartened and disappointed and frustrated. That’s why people stop the process. I looked for ways to self soothe but there weren’t any. Which meant Imhad to feel the feelings! Damn! Doing it alone makes it even harder because you have to pull yourself out of the mucky muck.

I realized this morning that gratitude is in order because feeling this way is a sign things are working!!!!



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