Detoxing is a Good Sign!


After several days of focus, deep processing and painting with and about the parathyroid tumor, I found myself feeling so tired I just wanted to lay down the last two days. I have a slight headache, joint and muscle pain and exhaustion.

I forgot about the detox that happens during healing as your frequency raises!!!

  • Headaches
  • Cold symptoms
  • Muscle Soreness
  • Lethargy and Tiredness

These physical symptoms are cues that your physical body is actively processing and releasing the energetic debris (stagnant emotions and thoughts) that you are now letting go of.

Think of what is going on as a whole body detox, also called an energy purge.

I am also releasing two years of medical tests using chemicals, surgical procedures, anesthesia and pharmaceuticals. No wonder I have had these symptoms on and off from over two years!

This is why the commitment to evolve is so challenging. It gets messy and uncomfortable and it is easy to miss interpret what is happening.

It would be easy to think you had gone backwards or that things were just getting worse and give up. Believe me I have felt that way the last couple of days. I have felt disheartened and disappointed and frustrated. That’s why people stop the process. I looked for ways to self soothe but there weren’t any. Which meant Imhad to feel the feelings! Damn! Doing it alone makes it even harder because you have to pull yourself out of the mucky muck.

I realized this morning that gratitude is in order because feeling this way is a sign things are working!!!!



Technology Heals


The quantum healing technology I have been using for a few weeks in conjunction with my other healing techniques to release the tumor couldn’t have come at a better time.

It is assisting me to go deep into the message that tumor wants me to hear without fear or discomfort. It is assisting me in seeing clearer and create more powerful paintings and go deeper into my journaling. And it is assisting me to make bolder moves. I know this because that is the only thing I have changed in the last 3 weeks.

Because of that I feel my healing process is going faster too.


Quantum Energy Heals

Dissolving a Parathyroid Tumor


I am taking a risk being so public about this because it might not work yet I am so confident it will that I am willing to take the risk.

What if people think I am crazy, or delusional or weird?

I don’t care. I trust myself and I know the healing power of art.

Like I said in an earlier post, what ever way it goes will be my path with something to share with me.

And what if it does work and I dissolve this tumor? Wouldn’t that inspired someone else to try it?

There are changing happening in the painting and presumably the tumor. As I explained there is a right half and a left half to the painting. The left represents the current situation and the right is the desired healed state, tumor free.

These are observations I am having after I did the painting.

If you look back at previous images you will notice there was a separation between the the images. That is gone, which suggests that the two states are now in communication. They are connected by a strand of DNA that is communicating with both of them.  The images have also moved closer together. The rose on the heart on the right is opening wider.

This image was inspired by a dream I had a few weeks ago where beings came into the dream and removed the faulty DNA that created the tumor and replaced it with healthy DNA.

I had tumors go away once before after a dream about angels doing surgery so I am hopeful this time too.

Katelyn Mariah Visionary Artist 



Parathyroid Tumor doesn’t have a Chance!


Once again I wasn’t going to paint today but I am following my body’s wisdom and here is where we went. You can see the two images are getting more integrated.

Someone asked me why I didn’t just paint a painting with the tumor gone and be done with it. This is a process guided by my body and soul. I am just listening and painting. The tumor is getting smaller and smaller.

I got a huge download of information about why I have the tumor.  Like I said in an earlier blog, I believe this is about a part of my power going into hiding. I journaled for about 4 pages and then this image came through.

I continue to be blown away by my clarity about Dissolving the tumor. I can’t see it any other way. That is not normal for me. I usually go back and forth believing one minute and not believing the next. I credit this to a new quantum technology I discovered and am using.

In the first image which is where I feel the tumor is in the present, energy is coming from Mother Earth and Father Sky. After I painted this I went to the forest to be with Mother Earth, Father Sky and all of the trees.  I let the energy wash over the tumor in my vision.

Here is how an image starts…


In the background you see a YouTube video playing Throat Chakra Healing sound. I play it while I paint. The parathyroid is part of the throat chakra even though this parathyroid tumor is by my heart.

You can also see my Quantum Card on my drawing board. That is enhancing my whole process.

Learn about the quantum technology

Releasing Parathyroid Tumor with Quantum Energy


One of the hardest things about manifesting is staying focused. We can see what we don’t want in the physical and we can’t yet see what it is we want to create. This is especially true if we are sick.

I have a non-malignant parathyroid tumor that needs to be removed because it is causing problems in my body. It happens to be an extremely rare tumor because it migrated to behind my aorta. Removing a parathyroid tumor normally is a simple outpatient surgery that takes 15 to 20 minutes and is easy to recover from.  In my case it is a 2 to 3 hour surgery that comes with risks and takes months to recover.

It will take two surgeons to complete the task. An endocrinologist and a thoracic surgeon. I saw the endocrinologist first. She told me where the tumor was located and that I wouldn’t be able to have the simple surgery. I cried through most of the appointment, couldn’t focus or remember the questions I wanted to ask and I felt defeated. This news was coming on the heals of 3 heart attacks in 10 months and open heart surgery less that a year ago. I have been in recovery for 2 1\2 years!

A week after I saw her I started working with quantum healing technology tools. Can you imagine a hologram card and stickers that go on the body infused with powerful frequencies that balance the body and bring back your innate frequencies, the ones we lost because of pollution and toxic foods. I know, I know, it sounds kind of out there, doesn’t it. I have studied quantum physics for years so I saw the potential right away.

I am surprised at how it has shifted my once all over the place focus. Yep, artist usually have some level of ADHD!

This week I saw the Thoracic surgeon. I was laser focused in that appointment. After talking with him about the complications of this surgery, he wants to give me two months to heal from open heart surgery and give himself time to research this rare surgery. I told him that I was going to dissolve the tumor so there wouldn’t be any surgery! I told him I had done it before with a gallbladder full of tumors 14 years ago and still have my gallbladder. He said he was behind me 100%. I was focused, calm and confident during that consult and didn’t cry.  What a difference from a couple of weeks ago.

As I use this new quantum technology and I think about this tumor all I can think about is the positive outcome of it dissolving. The thought of having it surgically removed barely enters my mind. In the past I would go back and forth from trust to doubt. I can actually see the look on the doctor’s face when he tells me it’s gone. I feel calm and confident and unwavering and I am being intuitively informed about the process and next steps.

I believe this change is because the quantum technology is bringing my mind/body/spirit back into balance. It is working with me to bring back my natural frequencies. The frequencies that are the source of healing that were in my body when I was born. This technology is going to be a big support to me (as it would be for anyone using it) as I focus on my goal of releasing this tumor.

More about the quantum technology I am using

You can read about how I am shrinking the tumor in early posts in this series., Dissolving a parathyroid Tumor

Trauma at the Back of the Heart


This process is moving quickly!  This is only the third set and I discovered something huge.

The day that I shared on Facebook about the tumor and the difficult surgery my friend Bob, from Austria sent me a message. One part in the message stuck with me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“This tumor next to your aorta can very well be the result of your open heart surgery, where vital life powers had to escape and nest outside, as close as possible to your heart. 

It apparently wants to return where it belongs. The last thing it wants is to be removed. The life energy your tumor accommodates is a vital part of your physical self, that seeks to return where it belongs. “

Last night before I fell asleep I wrote several questions in my journal and the information above was on my mind.

when I woke up not only did I have the answer but also the image above.

I realized that it wasn’t from the open heart surgery but from something that happened 33 years ago and it was a vital part of my physical, emotional and spiritual self. I won’t go into the details but it was something that happened in a relationship that almost cost me my life.

After that I became ambivalent about having a relationship meaning a part of me what a relationship and a part of me couldn’t risk it. That part of me believed that if I fell in love I would die. I always wondered why it was so hard for me to find the right relationship and I finally gave up on the idea for many years.

That was the vital life power that went into the parathyroid. How perfect to be hidden behind my heart where it might never be found. It almost wasn’t found but for a wispy blue shadow that showed up on a scan, barely visible. None the less it was ready to be discovered. How perfect that that one rouge parathyroid behind my heart ended up to be the one with the tumor!!

And if it hadn’t been that gland and would have been in one of the glands that are on my thyroid I would have had the simple 17 minute outpatient surgery and never would have discovered this hidden gem.

to me this is a profound miracle and the tumor can now go away because I got the message!!

The series:


Anything is Possible


I am pretty blown away by the last few days. Tuesday I learned that I had to have a very complicated surgery. I told the surgeon I was going to make the tumor go away.

Wednesday I woke up excited to dissolve this tumor and shift the paradigm of at least 2 surgeons and maybe even a few other people. I started painting the process of it going away.

So many people got on my side to help me accomplish this mission adding energy to the process and three people sent me information that inspired me to look at this differently. Thank you everyone!

Last night before I went to sleep I wrote several questions in my journal that had been stuck in my mind about this tumor behind my heart.

This morning I woke up with the answer to the mystery! I believe it is key to the tumor going away. In my experience with physical issues over the years, the miracle always came once I got to the “Heart of the Matter “. The information that the physical issue wanted me to see. I saw it, integrated it and the issue resolved.

I am at that moment this morning.

Painting to follow.

So excited and confident ❤️

Art and the Shrinking Parathyroid Tumor continued…

I didn’t plan on doing a Back of the Heart tumor dissolving painting today but this dropped in this afternoon.

You can see the tumor in the left image but it is a little smaller.

I am really excited about the healing energy coming from this painting. It is talking to my soul and Inner Physician.

This is an early phase:


As you can see the energy in this stage is completely different. I was compelled to take a photo of this. I realize now that is because it has something to say to me that is different than the finished painting. I think what it is showing me is the importance of focusing on the throat chakra symbol in the upper left had corner and the throat chakra sound, shown by the music.

Here it is! Finished!

The blue and white image is more eitheric and the finished image more grounded and connected.

28FD97C0-BF03-487E-B6E1-5EF6F5AA6D4DThere is something very profound happening in this painting and in me!

When I was painting it I could see the look on the doctor’s face when he told me the tumor was gone. I am seeing it happening. And more importantly, I feel the excitement I will feel when he says “It’s Gone!” That is an important part of manifestation. Sending the intention and feeling the emotion that you feel when it happens. That is what pulls it to you.

The interesting thing about visionary art is that each step in the painting has an impact. This painting has different energy than the finished painting. So I get different information from each part of the process.


Throat Chakra symbol in upper left corner- The most common Sanskrit name for the Throat chakra is “Vishudda”, which means “pure” or “purification”.

This chakra is related to the element of sound. Through the throat, sound is propagated into the air and its vibration can be felt not just in our ears, but also in our whole body. It is an important instrument of communication and expression.

Musical Note: The note depicts the note for G. This sound vibrates the throat chakra.  You see that sound coming from the throat chakra symbol, going into the tumor making it smaller and transforming it into a blue butterfly.

Blue Butterfly:

In most cultures, the blue butterfly is a symbol of acceptance, honor, and great energy. A blue butterfly can also symbolize the passing of time, change, and meaningful purpose in life. Seeing a blue butterfly or holding it can have a calming effect on a person. In some part of the world, blue butterflies are rare, so it is considered extremely lucky to observe one. The blue butterfly is a symbol of Spirit speaking through transformation and change. In some cultures, spotting a blue butterfly is thought to bring sudden good luck. ** Blue butterflies are also considered wish-granters. Spotting a blue butterfly means that a wish one makes or made will come true. A blue colored butterfly is often thought to symbolize joy and happiness

These images are magical!

Journey to Dissolve Parathyroid Tumor begins…


Have you ever talked with a body part?  I know, it sounds crazy but we can tap into valuable information by just asking. That is where these two images came from.  I asked my parathyroid tumor what it wanted to share and the first thing I heard was “Bittersweet”.  Not surprising since I spent the last 2.5 years recovering from 3 heart attacks and open heart surgery and now I was faced with this!

Part of dissolving the tumor will be done with art. This is first of The back of Heart series of unknown length. On the left is where my parathyroid is currently, which is on the back of my aorta, and on the right what I want it to look like in the future, which is gone. I will do a series of these using my body as a guide until it is gone.

The title of the one on the left is bittersweet and that is in the painting coming from the heart.  The title of the right side image is Radiant.

The idea is to continue to check in with the tumor, ask where it is at, how big it is, and what it needs.  That will be painted as an image on the left side of the paper.  The right side is always about where I want to end up through this journey.  That image can change over time as well but is always the positive aspect I am aiming for.

After I completed the painting I researched the symbol of bittersweet, which is a plant.  Aside from the obvious that this is a bittersweet issue I am dealing with, here is what I found for the symbolism of bittersweet:

“Bittersweet is protection from evil spells.  It is also used in healing rituals. As a part of a cleansing or a protective ritual, it is believed that it sends out more power to the Universe, keeping negativity and other bad things away from you.”

Perfect vehicle for healing!