Interview with local author, Deb Regan

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Deb Regan a local author in the Twin Cities.  Deb is a participant in Brush and Pen: Festival for Artists and Authors,

Welcome, Welcome Deb! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today.


Katelyn-Tell us a bit about yourself that isn’t writing related?

Deb- I was a partner practicing employment law in a large Minneapolis law firm when my dad was fired for ‘being sick’ (he had brain cancer). He was fired just days after the Americans with Disabilities Act went into effect, and I had the great privilege of representing him. We prevailed, and I knew that was why I was supposed to become an attorney. I also knew at that point I was done practicing law.

I then found space clearing (in truth, space clearing found me). Talk about a shift out of the mainstream! My husband describes space clearing as acupuncture for a space – it releases stuck energy that is present.

Katelyn- I got chills when I read what you wrote about your dad. It was totally divine intervention that you went into law! Wow!  And congratulations for following your heart and leaving law to open to a bigger calling.

I am always curious what inspires authors to start writing.  What was your inspiration?

Deb- I started creating the oracle deck and writing the guidebook because of the transformation that I had seen in my clients after they connected with their spaces. They truly began to experience more peace and clarity in their space, recognizing the mirror that it provides for their own growth and evolution.

Katelyn- So you created an actual oracle deck that people can work with to help them create new living spaces in their home.  I love that idea!

What genre do you write in and what do you like to read?

Deb- My writing genre is self-help and empowerment. For my reading genre, I still love a good legal thriller!

Katelyn- I imagine it is more fun seeing the law from the outside these days, through a good book!

I am curious why authors chose to write, what is your motivation?

Deb-I write because it helps me express my ideas. I love being in the flow!

Katelyn- Most creative people get creative blocks at some point.  What do you do when you encounter a creative block?

Deb- I step away from the computer and get out in nature with my two dogs! It absolutely moves me out of my head (where any creative block resides) and into my heart.

Katelyn- Nature is one of the ways I use to and it is the perfect way to get out of your head and into your heart!

Do you have any writers that inspire you and why?

Deb-I like exploring the bigger picture, i.e., who are we, why are we here, so writers who inspire me include, Paulo Coelho, Carolyn Myss and Greg Braden.

Katelyn- I love all three of them too, but especially Paulo Coelho for his wonderful storytelling and Greg Braden for his ability to blend science and consciousness.

I know there are probably a few aspiring writers reading this right now.  What advice would you give them?

Deb- Keep going! We all have a voice. We all have something to share. Don’t fall into the ‘not good enough’ trap that the ego loves so much!

Katelyn- That’s great advice, I think a lot of people stop before they even start because they don’t feel they are good enough to do it.

How can people support you in your writing career?

Deb-Share your story with me! Every time we connect with others there is inspiration to be had. My card deck and guidebook came through when I was sitting with friends at a Women’s Summit!

Katelyn- Where can people connect with you and find your oracle deck?

Deb- The ‘Oracle Wisdom from Your Space – Loving Insights for Your Life’ card deck and guidebook can be found at There is a free ‘Create a Great Space’ 30-day challenge on the website as well. My session website is


One thought on “Interview with local author, Deb Regan

  1. I have Deb’s Oracle Deck and love it. Every time I use it I am getting support from my space and every answer leads me into more understanding of what is currently going on in my life. This is a great interview and I hope those who read this will consider Deb’s Oracle Deck.

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