Interview with Local Artist, Patricia Peuschold

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Patricia Peuschold a local jewelry artist that I just met earlier this year and fell in love with her work. Patricia is a participant in Brush and Pen: Festival for Artists and Authors,

Welcome, Patricia! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me this morning.

IMG_4578 (1)

Katelyn- Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself that isn’t art related?

Patricia- I was born in Córdoba, Argentina into an extraordinary creative artistic family. World travel feeds my creativity and soul.  Expressing my creative side in the kitchen is one of my passions.

Katelyn- What a blessing to be born into a family who understood the importance of creativity.  I agree with you about how world travel can feed your creativity and soul. It does the same for me.

I am always curious about what is the favorite medium artist like and why? Can you tell us what yours is?

Patricia- I love vintage & antique medallions, amulets, or pendants. As well as vintage & antique gemstones, pearls, metal, or wood beads. Refurbishing & repurposing vintage & antique jewelry is the hallmark to my jewelry.

Katelyn- I love your creations.  They are like vintage treasures, each piece so unique and beautiful.

Can you tell the readers why you create art?

Patricia- I love statement jewelry and giving life back to a vintage/antique piece is truly exciting.

Katelyn- I imagine people who buy your pieces treasure them. Every artist gets a creative block sometimes.  What do you do when you get a creative block?

Patricia- I listen to murder podcast!
Katelyn-  I had to look up what a murder podcast was.  From what I can tell it is a murder mystery where they try to solve murders.  I can see how that would expand your creativity because they have to be really creative to figure out what happened and when you watch them you are in the same frame of mind trying to figure it out.

Do you have a favorite artist who inspires you?

Patricia- Nature totally inspires me.

Katelyn-I understand that completely.  That is my go-to place to find inspiration too.  I imagine there will be some aspiring artists reading this blog. What advice would you give them?

Patricia- Find your personal voice in your art and soar with it. Creativity is healing and peaceful.

Katelyn- So true, creativity and making art is very healing. How can people support you in your art career?

Patricia- Please follow me on Instagram: pptaller11. I appreciate all the love and comments I receive.

Katelyn- I remember talking to you when we met and you said you have a very active Instagram page and that is the place you post your new pieces first, so if people want to follow you they will get the first look at your new creations.

What is your Instagram name?

Instagram: pptaller11

Etsy Shop: pptaller