Interview with Local Author, Lisa Metwaly

Tonight I have the pleasure of speaking with my friend, Lisa Metwaly author of, Kindness Travel.  Lisa is a participant in Brush and Pen: Festival for Artists and Authors,

Welcome, Lisa! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me this evening.


Katelyn- Tell us a bit about yourself that isn’t writing related.

Lisa- I love to laugh, dance and go on adventures. My gardens are out of control with flowers and I also love to give bouquets away to randomly nominated people that live in my city. I’m currently engaged with World Kindness USA and getting trained to be a global ambassador of kindness.

Katelyn- I love the kindness bouquet campaign you started. I nominated my chiropractor and she was so surprised to get the flowers.  She said it made her day.  I imagine this act of kindness it making a lot of people happy. I have watched the Kindness work you have been doing grow over the years and it is very inspiring!

I am always curious what inspires authors to write. What inspired you to start writing?

Lisa- I was inspired to start writing when I owned the Q Kindness Café. I took on the job of marketing, P.R. and general front of the house management. I had to get better at writing by default. The stories came easily because so much kindness happened there. People shared their stories and I wrote about them.  

Katelyn– I loved Q Kindness Cafe!  You had so many things around the cafe to inspire kindness in people.  It was so much fun!


This is your book, Kindness Travels, Penny Power. It is written like a children’s book but adults can learn from it too!  What genre do you write and what do you like to read?

Lisa-  I love to write self-help, inspiration and meaningful passages. Sometimes I write poetry and other times its short stories. I love to read self-help and a good mystery.

Katelyn- I am always curious why authors write. Why do you write?

Lisa- I write to get the thoughts out of my head to make room for more play time. It’s my hope that what has helped me will help others. Kindness really is everywhere to be found. It starts with us and boldly we can move it forward into the world. I believe that our children are our best hope to help better the world. This is why my kindness books are intended to reach the schools in a pay it forward, kindness travels, fashion.

Katelyn- I have been impressed with your commitment to getting the book into a lot of hands and the buy a book and a book gets donated to a child.  What a wonderful way to spread kindness!

I know every creative person gets creative blocks once in a while.  What do you do when you get a creative block?

Lisa- I get around water. I’ll put my fingers in a plate of water and swirl it around as I sit with the question of “what do I need to know?” Water is a great conduit for intuition.

Katelyn- You are so right about water.  It immediately opens you and like you said helps you to tap into your intuition.

What writers inspire you and why?

Lisa- Sark, Susan Branch, Rachel Awes, Maya Angelou … they all write from their heart. They inspire kindness and playfulness.

Katelyn- Sark was an early inspiration for me to open up creatively.  Her books can really help with breaking through creative blocks too.  Rachel Awesome has a similar style and way of helping us to expand the way we think.  Great choices!

I imagine there are some aspiring writers reading this blog. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Lisa- The only thing that cannot be fixed by an editor is an empty page.

Katelyn- That made me smile.  I always say, just start writing, it doesn’t matter what comes out, just let it come out!

How can people support you in your writing career?

Lisa- I’m always seeking sponsors that want to get their name out to the local schools. If you have schools that would like to do a kindness project, I’m here to serve. Please send me referrals of principals or teachers that would be open-minded to more kindness.

Buy a book or host a book party where kindness is created. Kindness books can be purchased in bulk at wholesale and sold at retail for fundraisers.

Katelyn-What is your web address or where can people find your books and connect with you about your kindness work?


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