Spiritual Bypass

Spiritual bypass is prevalent in the New Age Movement and it does a disservice to personal growth, transformation and health. Have you ever been in the midst of some deep feelings and emotions only to hear, “You need to uplevel that feeling” or “time to change that story” or “You are going to create more of that if you keep feeling that way” or any version of that which is asking you to stop feeling that way? That is spiritual bypass.

When we bypass our feelings, where do they go? Somewhere in our body, where they can chrystalize into disease, and eminate from our body magnetizing more of the same. It’s unexpressed feelings that create more experiences like that. Heart attacks can be created by unexpressed feelings so can cancer and other diseases.

Feelings have a purpose and they are neutral, not positive or negative. They give us important information. Anger for example isn’t a negative emotion it is giving you information about a situation you are in. Information that can help you make a decision.

When you are with someone who is experiencing strong emotions (that probably make you uncomfortable) the last thing they want is advice about making them go away. In other words telling them they really shouldn’t feel that way. They just want to be heard and witnessed. They will move through them naturally if allowed to express them.


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