Spiritual Bypass

Spiritual bypass is prevalent in the New Age Movement and it does a disservice to personal growth, transformation and health. Have you ever been in the midst of some deep feelings and emotions only to hear, “You need to uplevel that feeling” or “time to change that story” or “You are going to create more of that if you keep feeling that way” or any version of that which is asking you to stop feeling that way? That is spiritual bypass.

When we bypass our feelings, where do they go? Somewhere in our body, where they can chrystalize into disease, and eminate from our body magnetizing more of the same. It’s unexpressed feelings that create more experiences like that. Heart attacks can be created by unexpressed feelings so can cancer and other diseases.

Feelings have a purpose and they are neutral, not positive or negative. They give us important information. Anger for example isn’t a negative emotion it is giving you information about a situation you are in. Information that can help you make a decision.

When you are with someone who is experiencing strong emotions (that probably make you uncomfortable) the last thing they want is advice about making them go away. In other words telling them they really shouldn’t feel that way. They just want to be heard and witnessed. They will move through them naturally if allowed to express them.


Do We Have Twin Flames?


In theory, the meaning of twin flame is that person who is your other half. It is said that when our Soul formed it was split into two halves and we spend each incarnation trying to find our other half.

What if the truth was that your twin flame is really you expressing yourself in another body. When you find this person they are the best match for evolving to a higher level. You are mirrors or reflections of each other.

The self improvement movement has done a disservice to many of us because it has left us feeling flawed rather than whole and complete. We have learned that we must change our flaws in order to be loved. We go one a journey that leads away from our trueselves no to our trueselves.

The truth is we came in to this life whole and complete with unique gifts to share and even our so called “flaws” serve a purpose! Instead of self improvement we should be taught the art of fierce self love and and radical self acceptance. ¬†Unfortunately while we are focusing on self improvement those beautiful gifts that we are here to share sit on the back burner waiting for us to be perfect and we can’t create the life we desire.

The other reason to focus on self love and self acceptance is we can’t attract our twin flame if we don’t accept ourselves. That is why so many people in the new age movement who are longing for a twin flame reunion are still single. They think they need to “work” on themselves!! We need to be self aware. We need to be clear of where we begin and where we end so we don’t end up projecting on the other person and so that we stay out of codependency.

If you have a longing and a knowing that you have a twin flame then he or she is out there. We don’t incarnate with longing that would be fulfilled, they are part of what moves you forward in this evolution.

The only work we must do is love and accept ourselves, be self aware  so we navigate the world from authenticity. That is the magnet that will bring not only your twin flame to you but everything else you desire.