What is authenticity anyway?

Authenticity requires a genuine sharing of our inner world regardless of the consequences. When we abort authentic communication to avoid conflict, judgment, anger or loss the disservice is to ourselves. Why do we do that? Because authenticity is not popular or rewarded in our culture, though it is becoming more and more acceptable.

I have been leaning into my authentic self more and more for a number of years. After the heart attacks it has become even more important. My hearts health function depends on me being real. When I am not, my heart constricts, just like yours does and that over time is not good for your heart, on any level. I have lost several friends this past year for being more real, because it required them to do the same. You will find that happening as well, and that is what stops people from being real.

Authenticity requires vulnerability and letting go of censoring yourself to look good. We have to let go of social programming that doesn’t support authenticity, such as, “being nice”, “avoiding conflict “, and “fitting in”.

At first, being yourself feels awkward( how sad is that?). As you let go of pretending to be someone other than you, it is freeing.

How did being yourself become something that took courage? I don’t know, do you? It should be an act of courage to be real!

You are on earth to be you!! It is the key to awakening your full intelligence, full expression and gifts. We each have gifts, talents, expressions, experiences and wisdom unique to us. Something no one else can offer. No one! The world needs that now more than ever.

If people don’t like your authenticity and true being, they are not you people!!! That’s okay.