Life is meant to be fun!!



Jim Henson said “Life is meant to be fun, and joyous and fulfilling ”  Who would know better then a guy who hung around with puppets? I think Jim accomplished that goal!

When I was a kid I believe that life was about having fun and experiencing joy and it was! Nothing was serious, everything was a crazy adventure! Sometimes I didn’t follow the rules, just for the sake of having fun.

Somewhere along the way everything got SO serious.  The social program of of doing things right, going to school, following directions, growing up and being and adult got dropped on me, just like it did on you.

Being real and authentically you disappeared for living up to the status quo, looking good and being responsible. All of this blocks the flow of what we really want.

I say NO MORE!  We can live, joyously, have fun and be fulfilled doing anything. And do you know that if you allow yourself to live that way more and more things that create those feelings will show up!

If you could change something to add more fun and joy into your life, so you could start magnetizing those thins, what would you add? Let’s chat in the comments and see what we come up with. Your ideas will surely inspire other people!

I am determined to find that sense of joy, fun and play and fulfillment again! Who wants to find it with me? 🦄🎨😻🤡👑🦋

Living in the heart

Choose to open your heart consciously. Choose not to close it when that feels like the best thing to do. Closing your heart doesn’t protect you like you think it would because it is closed to you as well as everyone else.

When we have been hurt or disappointed the immediate response is self protection. We learn that very early. It is a new level of mastery to practice staying open.IMG_2683

It is our natural state of being for the heart to be open and flowing with the consciousness of Love. It is that consciousness of Love that is our protection, not the act of shutting down our heart.

Lead with an open heart and you lead with Love ❤️

This is what my heart has taught me the last 2 years.