Engaging the Muse



If you would like to know what this painting is for me, read on…

Following the question as it answers itself is always magical. I find myself asking questions and letting them answer.

This image rose from a question.

I was at a New Years Eve party and we were talking about how to remember dreams. The idea came up about engaging the dream muse, so she knew you were serious about remembering. Would your attention and engagement be enough that she would help you remember your dream?

As I was falling asleep that night I pondered ” What if you engaged the muses of your dreams and desires in the same way so they knew you were serious? Would they manifest because you were engaged?

This took me to ” What if you engaged the muse of your life that way? Not just giving it lip service, with fancy resolutions and big intentions. Truly engaging it as though it were a living energy. Taking it by the hand and running with it, rather then trying to be someone, do something or make something happen like we’re taught. Would life feel your authentic engagement and lead you on an amazing adventure?

I know from experience that if you are not attached to outcome, living fully in the present, truly engaged with life unexpected magic will happen. What do you feel?

This painting, which wasn’t planned out based on symbolic meaning, color placement, or anything preplanned. It sprang from my inner being in answer to this question “What would happen if you truly engaged with the muse of your life?”

The muse being that creative force within that is your source of inspiration, your non-attached inner dreamer who creates magic. The genius that is in all of us.

What happens when you ponder that question?

Shifting Reality Through Art

Yesterday was New Years Eve and I painted all day, for the first time since I had surgery. I hadn’t had the energy. I had a ton of energy yesterday. I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to because two images wanted to be expressed, one after the other. And they weren’t letting me leave them incomplete.

A couple days earlier I watched a video of Kyle Cease at the Moore, and a question he asked got a hold of me and wouldn’t let go.

The question “What is trying to emerge from me that I have never experienced before? What is my butterfly?” I kept asking it to myself over and over. I had decided that 2018 I would focus on JOY, so that was mixed in with the question. I felt I couldn’t experience joy because something was still in the way.

I pondered the question in my journal and the first image emerged in a sketch with a lot of tears. I felt sadness for my heart for what it had been through, not just physically but emotionally. There was a deep sense of sorrow both recent, past and ancient and universal and it could finally be released because my heart was now open and I could feel it. It was deep and painful.

I brought all that sorrow into the first painting and through the process it was released.

Near the end of the first painting the second image emerged. As I finished the first image I could see the second one in my minds eye. Releasing the old energy allowed for a bridge to open up to the new energy.  The bridge between one image and the other was profound. There was a minute second between on image releasing the old energy and the new image emerging to allow the new energy to come in.

I had released the sorrow and it made room for “My butterfly” to reveal itself.

This is the transformational power of art at its finest. I followed my soul promptings, I got out of the way and it lead me where I needed to go.

Now I am open to the JOY that awaits me.