It Takes a Village


Feelings and emotions serve a purpose.

As far as I am concerned feeling what you feel and expressing that is key to healing.  That includes all of the feelings and especially when dealing with life threatening illness such as a heart attack.

Statues quo says talk about the successes and keep the challenges to your self.  Don’t think negative thoughts about what is going on or you will create more of that. We love to hear that our friend who has cancer has blood counts improving or they are gaining weight. Or our friend with a broken leg just got their cast off. All of that is awesome!

We can get behind progress and cheer our friends on!

It is harder to hear about the challenges. People who are sick know that, so they do share and often they suffer in silence and when the pain gets so bad they stuff the feelings away. When they need support the most they shrink away from it to protect people’s feelings.  We NEED to express this stuff too, and we need to feel heard and held.  Express and it will move through you.

We fear that people will think less of us if we express negative feelings!  That is very sad to me.

Behind the scenes I have felt fear, anger, depression, betrayed and all sorts of feelings mixed together. I know that hiding them is not healing for me.

Those who have been with me on this heart journey from the beginning know that I made a commitment to share it all. The good, bad and ugly. My purpose in doing that was to normalize the process. To help others know they are not alone. To give people permission, if you will, not to suffer in silence. I share this process in totality because I know that it works because I have done it before.

In share my healing process I have discovered where my real support is and that has healed me. I was surprised to discover which people dropped out of sight as soon as I got sick.  People who I had always supported stopped talking to me.   I have grown through my transparency which hasn’t always been easy.  People misunderstand what I am doing, some get uncomfortable, some can support in easy, gentle ways and it is my hope that I have role modeled another way to come back to wholeness.

It takes a village…thanks for being mine



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