OMG! Hospital Food! Dog FOOD!!!

Heart attack 2-Part 2

I had heart attack 2, 4 months after heart attack 1, while attending a month long painting seminar in Austria.  Up to that point I had been eating impeccably heart healthy for about six weeks.

My first meal after being admitted was breakfast. I hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before so I was hungry!!

Remember I am in a country where Deutch is the language and I am in a small village hospital so almost no one spoke English. The nurse came in and said “Breakfast?” I said yes. She said “salmon” I said yes! While she went to get my food I was thinking how lucky I was to be getting salmon in the hospital! Wow!

She returned with my tray. On it was a bun and a pat of butter! I knew I was going to be in trouble where food was concerned. Lunch was some pasta thing slathered in some kind of sauce that I couldn’t eat.

When I saw the doctor I said “The food isn’t very heart healthy is it?” To which he responded “No, and it doesn’t tasted good either! It wouldn’t hurt you for 3 days.”  I thought to myself “I wonder what happens on day 4 and 5 because I knew I would be there that long. I wasn’t going to die from the heart attack. Nope it was going to be the  food!

One night one of my two Deutsch speaking roommates came in to the room with the evenings menu. She sat on her bed and read it out loud. I didn’t understand a word.  She got up and as she walked out she shouted “DOG FOOD, DOG FOOD, DOG FOOD!”  Ah the first thing I understood in two days.

When our food came the three of us lifted the covers over our plates and sad “DOG FOOD” at the same time and laughed!  The little old lady in the bed next to me immediately made a phone call. 30 minutes later her husband came in with a bag full of food. Sand which fixings, dessert and all kinds of yummy shit.  Yes! Food smuggling had begun.

Kate snuggle a meal of salmon and roasted vegetable that the owner of the hotel had made for me. I had a terrible headache and was nauseated from the food at lunch that I couldn’t eat. Instead of eating dinner Imended up vomiting.

Early the next morning she snuck over to my bed and slipped me a piece of Apple strudel and smiled.


My breakfast menu expanded when my friend Kate brought me a German Dictionary from 1995. German isn’t the same as Deutch but it is closer than English.  I went through  it and found words for things I would like for breakfast. Breakfast became my best meal because I didn’t have a choice of what they fed me.


Above is a meal that is hard to describe.  I can tell you that the sauce on top was blueberry. What you see beneath it that looks yellow was either, cake, egg something or something unknown. It was swimming in vanilla pudding with a side of radish soup.  I eat the apple.

The last meal I had before I was discharged was the best meal I had. I decided that if you survived the previous meal the quality of the food improved.



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