The Compass of the Heart-True North



A new Space for me

For the last month I have been feeling like I am in a new incredible space.  It is hard to describe.  There is no pressure to do anything to make something happen.  I used to be so ambivent about some of the things I wanted to manifest.  I could hold on to a belief for a certain period of time and than I would swing back into “That is never going to happen”. It was a common pattern with things I really desired.  That swinging back and forth is gone!  I never thought I would be able to shift that pattern and now it is gone! Now I just believe that the things I desire are just going to happen.  I am not worried about anything even though there are things going on in my life that would cause others to worry.  I feel centered, balanced and in harmony. I am not being pulled in one direction or the other.  I love how this feels.

Divine Inner Genius (My inner guide)

I asked my Divine Inner Genius what this space was that I was in and this is what I got.

“You are feeling what it means to live in your heart, your center and in balance.  There is no fear or worry in that space no matter what is going on in your outer world because you know it is all for your highest and best/Soul purpose.  This is the space from which miracles and magic occurs.”

True North and the Compass of the heart

“Many mystics believe that human beings have a built in guidance system that takes us home to the Source of Being.  We are hardwired for God.  But rather than being embedded in our brain, that magnet for our spiritual journey is located in our hearts.”  Joan Borysenko

Divine Inner Genius on Alignment

“You don’t have to do anything for this alignment has already occurred and you can’t stop it from happening.  Alignment happened the day of the heart attack when you had the dream of The Sacred Marriage.  The six pointed star from the ceremony is the compass that was placed in your heart that is pointing to your True North that is where your partner is.  This doesn’t necessarily mean he is in the north.  The compass of your heart is activated by your inner marriage/Sacred Marriage, where you came into balance with the male and female in you.  The Sacred Marriage occurred and activated the magnetics of your heart compass.”   I sat and looked at this and remembered that my Divine Inner Genius had written about this before.  I remembered at the time I was really intrigued by the idea and purchased a compass necklace from Etsy.  Rather than wade through all my journals to find the reference I looked at my Etsy receipt and it lead me to the page in my journal of May 26-29th

Divine Inner Genius (from my journal May 26, 2015)

“A grateful heart is a magnetic heart.  The heart is the holder of dreams with a compass to lead you there. The compass of the heart is the highest aspect of  your being with divine intelligence. It is not your mind.  The compass of your heart is connected to your divine blue print and is the guide to follow.  There is an energy signature within your heart that draws like energies to it.  If something you desire is not coming to you it is not ready to activate yet, according to your hearts compass. Your heart knows your True North.  Love is the true compass.  Loves literal and metaphysical expanse resides in the Realm of The Heart.”


The inner work is really about finding your way from your head into your heart.  The magnet for our spiritual journey is located in our heart.  The heart is the center of the compass.  When the needle is free to be in present time, rather than fearing or worrying about the future or regretting the past, it moves effortlessly to True North.  In that state of alignment with source, we know in a way that is intuitive instead of cognitive.  Have you ever said to someone ” I just know” when they ask you how you know something.  It is that kind of knowing.  We know that we are home in the universe and that all is well. It is a source of wisdom beyond words.  It is a felt sense of being centered in the heart.  This is usually a body sensation that we can use as a guide.

The compass of the heart holds a specific magnetic frequency in a lifetime that is aligned with specific events, all activated by True North.  When the compass is aligned with True North our wants and desires occur.  They are sequenced through time, in accordance with the Divine Blue Print.  Once the compass has been activated through the opening of the heart the higher aspects of the blue print begin to unfold.

There are three levels to the Divine Blue Print

Level One- mundane activities

Level Two-Awakening activities

Level Three- Higher spiritual activities and Divine Purpose

True North is your energy signature, a frequency that is unique to you.  It is the frequency that will be recognized by the people and events that will participate with you in this incarnation.  In the metaphor of the heart’s compass the arrow always try to move in the direction of true north because that is your divine path.  Once you are able to align your hearts compass to true north you will feel the feeling of being in alignment and you will know when you are in and out of alignment.  You can rely on the compass of the heart to take you in your authentic direction.  You become like a navigator getting into alignment and making corrections when you are out of alignment until you reach your hearts destination.







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