The Gift of Beauty

seed painting
The Seed Watercolor painting by Katelyn Mariah

The Gift of Beauty

Beauty is in the perfection of life.

In the timing and unfoldment of all that is.

A delicate balance and weaving that must occur as timed events, on thread at a time, one layer at a time in perfect order.

That is beauty so deeply incredible in the orchestration that causes one thing to cause another as all of perfection occurs.

Just as a seed is planted, it can not be forced to grow for it’s cells are timed and certain actions must occur within the seed before we can witness the beauty of the flower.

The seed itself doesn’t always look beautiful to the eye but it contains the beauty of it’s flower in it’s blueprint.

At times you are the seed as you appear to be in dormancy.

All of your dreams, hopes and wishes feel as though they are at a standstill but you as the seed contain them and you must become the roots, the sprout, the seedling, the stem, and the leaves before you can support the blossoming flower.

Katelyn Mariah


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