Twin Flame

Watercolor painting by Katelyn Mariah BFA

A Love Sonnet

Love touched me and I was transformed in the moment as I slipped through the opening in your heart and witnessed the beauty of your soul.

I felt your innocence, I felt your joy.  

I felt you open to invite me in, but only for a moment.

It only took a moment and I recognized you as a part of me and my love for you was bound forever…not lost in that moment, but expanded into foreverness.

Always there even when you are far away.

As witness to your soul my love can transcend the mundane that appears sometimes.

The nature of personality that isn’t quite as easy to gaze upon becomes beauty through the eyes of this love.

You are beautiful.  I have witnessed, I can not forget.

And the time and space that separates us can not compete with the power of Love.

It is there, a part of my soul as it dwells in my heart.

I feel you there and I connect with you across the miles as though they don’t even exist.

Timeless travel to the heart I love.

I pray someday you will return to me and be physically present in my life.

But if you don’t, I will love you beyond time.

Katelyn Mariah 12-10-1999


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