A Visit from Michael the Archangel


Michael the Archangel has come to me many times over the years and it always feels the same.  I feel a large pair of energetic hands pressing on the side of my head.  I can feel the pressure on my head even though it is gentle it feels like my hair is being pressed down.  Energy flows from his hands into the top and sides of my head.

His coming is most often spontaneous, though there have been times when I called upon him and he came in the same way.  It always feels to me like a loving, healing presence.  I use to have visits all of the time but then they slowed down and it has been a long time since I have had one.

Yesterday and for the last few days I have felt weary of this journey I have been on and it has caused me a lot of anxiety.  Most of the anxiety has been connected to dying, which I feel is a PTSD response to what I have been through.  I think it is present with any life threatening illness and for me it was presenting in the form of anxiety about a having another heart attack that would kill me.

I was in the shower and I said out loud “Just send me an angel of peace, that is all I need!”

Last night Michael came to visit.  I was being mindlessly entertained by the television, dealing with the case of bronchitis that I had gotten.  It was causing me anxiety because I could not clear my throat.  There was so much congestion in my throat and as soon as I cleared it out it came right back.

Suddenly I felt the giant hands press against my head and immediately the anxiety I had been feeling melted away.  The hands stayed pressed against my head for 30 minutes and I knew I was receiving a special healing gift.

This morning when I work up I felt completely different.  I felt renewed, the fog that had been in my brain for weeks was gone and I felt hopeful.  Hopeful that what I was going through was temporary and was purposeful and was not intended to kill me.  The feeling that I had been having in my throat that I couldn’t clear was gone, even though I still have remnants of the cold.

Thank you to Michael for continuing to visit and support me all of these years.

This is my spirit communing with Spirit, which I choose to call Michael the Archangel.


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