Awaken the Goddess Day Thirteen

serpent goddess

The Serpent Goddess

If all symbols are really functions and signs of things imbued with energy, then the serpent or snake is, by analogy, symbolic of energy itself—of force pure and simple.

The serpent is most often related to sexual energies, which can be harnessed for spiritual purposes, or when abused, can overwhelm the spirit. Serpents depicted symbolically on a vertical axis nearly always represent sexual energy- the twin serpents of the caduceus, the kundalini serpents, the alchemical crucified serpent, and the serpent of Genesis are all symbols of the sexual nature of man. In the Judeo-Christian allegorical story of Adam and Eve, the serpent represents the dual nature of sexual energy, which can either entrap or release the spirit. It is this serpent who guards the mythical tree of life and immortality featured in mythology the world over, where it serves as both a protector of the aspirant and an obstacle to the uninitiated.

The Snake Goddess, or else the handling of snakes by priestesses, was extremely important in Minoan religion, as shown by the numerous figurines of snakes and women or goddesses handling them. The snake probably derived its symbolic importance from its ability to change its skin. The snake also moves between worlds in tombs and caves, and forms spirals with its body, and resembles the unbilicus, the life-giving cord which connects the new life with its source. Snakes are associated with venom that could be used for medicinal and trance inducing properties.

The snake Goddess is a symbol of the ancient Sacred Feminine — with all its mystery and power. Snakes are also symbols of renewal, healing, and the cycle of life and death, and the Snake Goddess holds a giant one in her hand. She has mastery over energy and knows how to use it to heal and renew life.

This Goddess has a rose at her womb. In medieval Europe, the Rose as a symbol of union with the divine may have been influenced by Arabian and Persian teachings from the time when Spain was an Islamic country. The Sufi teacher, Hazrat Inayat Khan writes:

Just as the rose consists of many petals held together, so the person who attains to the unfoldment of the soul begins to show many different qualities. The qualities emit fragrance in the form of a spiritual personality. The rose  has a beautiful structure, and the personality which proves the unfoldment  of the soul has also a fine structure, in manner, in dealing with others,  in speech, in action. The atmosphere of a spiritual being pervades the air like the perfume of a rose. 

So the energy that this Goddess is working with is the energy of her soul coming from her womb which is the place of creativity, birth and sexuality.  This energy when used appropriately is the energy of instant manifestation.

Because she is connected to her soul she has the tools she needs to create and manifest from an aligned space.  She can assist you in making this alignment so that all that you manifest is for a higher purpose.




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