The Birth of Awaken The Goddess Meditation Deck


“In 1996 I was involved in a year-long study group on Peruvian Shamanism.  One of the directions required that we look at our fears and this process manifested in me as a soar throat and anxiety attacks because it felt like my throat was closing.  At one point I thought it might be cancer it had gotten so bad.” from the book Empowered Health and Wellness Awakening the Inner Physician

One day I was having so much trouble swallowing that the art therapist in me told me to draw what I was feeling.  I was at my art studio and I said to myself ” You are an art therapist draw what you are feeling for God sake!” What occurred was a very rapid emergence of a woman with rainbow hair, doves flying from her head, as star at her throat and a tree growing from her throat.  When I saw her I knew she was just the beginning of a series.

This series came fast and furious over the next 2 months until I had captured 44 images of the Goddess.

I didn’t realize what I had done until I met Ron Mangrative at a Salon at a friends house.  Here is what Ron thought of my paintings:

The Late Ron Mangravite was a Spiritual teacher and expert in the universal nature of symbolism, mysticism and mythology)  These are his words at the opening exhibition of her “Awaken The Goddess” meditation images.

What I am here to share with you is some relatively academic knowledge which I thought was rather superficial and well known to Katelyn, but to my surprise, none of her work came out of academic studies.  It just came up out of where it is supposed to come out of, which doesn’t really happen much anymore.  For me this presentation is a question of introducing a real live person who is doing extraordinary stuff.

This is not an opening of just some pretty exciting art, this is a public introduction to a woman who has found her inner identity in such a way that it transcends anything she is as a citizen, and inhabitant of Minneapolis, even as a woman and certainly as an artist.

Read the full article with photos here



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