Awaken the Goddess Day Twelve


The Shamaness Goddess

The Shaman/Shamaness is and archetypal energy in all of us.  It may or may not be active in you. Drawing this card suggests that it is time to let this energy flow through you.

Shamaness means female Shaman.  The first known shaman were women and because of their physical structure and nature women are natural shaman.  Another word would be medicine woman.  Shamanism was not only humankind’s first spiritual and healing practice, it was originally the domain of women.

Historically, the female shaman was viewed as using her body as a vessel to allow powerful energies to flow through her for healing and magic. In ancient times, women performed this function in collective rituals and communal ceremonies. Just as a pregnant woman gives over her body for the duration of her incubation, a woman shaman was thought to give over her body for the use of an incarnating spirit or ancestor.

This Goddess is preforming a Peruvian Shamanic technique for clearing energy from her client.  She moves this energy through her heart and it releases through her into the cosmos to Mother moon to purify it.

She has the Tree of Life at her solar plexus/ power center so she is using the wisdom from the Tree of Life to connect her to the earth and inform her healing practice.

She has the jaw bone of a cow at her waist, a reference to the Goddess Hathor. Hathor was the goddess of joy, motherhood, and love. She was considered the protectress of pregnant women and a midwife. She was the patron of all women, no matter their station in life.  Hathor was originally worshipped in the for of a cow or cow with stars on her.   This Goddess has the jawbone of the Goddess Hathor at her womb, the perfect place for the power of motherhood and childbirth.  She uses that power to nourish and nurture her clients.

The shamaness Goddess is representative of the healing power within you that is waiting for you to tap into.



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