Awaken the Goddess Day Ten


This Goddess is my version of Kali.  She rises out of the dirt and mud of the mind to shake things up.  She has been visiting me lately.

At first her appearance can be frightening because she doesn’t look like the kind of beauty we are use to seeing, but when she starts to do her magic you fall in love.

She throws flames of enlightenment at you to burn away all those faulty believe systems that get in your way.  She is fast and efficient with her fire.

She wears the bat of transformation at her solar plexus which will assist you in transforming and gaining more personal power.

Embrace her and welcome her in and you will be able to love and embrace the parts of yourself that you don’t like to see.  If you can do this you are on your way to becoming whole and complete.

From Awaken the Goddess Medication Deck by Katelyn Mariah


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