Awaken the Goddess Day 9

green goddess

Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck-Katelyn Mariah

The Green Earth Goddess

This is the Earth Mother rising from the sea as an enlightened being. Her heart is open and helping her navigate her world.  She is connected to the Divine through her crown and energy is flowing between them.  She navigates the world through the union of her heart, third eye and womb.

The star in her third eye is the star of a Goddess.

She holds an apple, cut in half to reveal it’s many seeds, over her womb which is also the solar plexus her power center.  The apple is reflected of the seeds in her power center that have been nourished and nurtured and are ready to grow into manifest reality.  She has the lightning bolt of action on her left arm, which is the masculine side suggesting she is ready for action and manifestation.

In the water you see three Iris.  The three being a symbol of the triple Goddess and the iris symbol of the Goddess Iris who was a sea Goddess.  She is known as one of the Goddesses who links the sea with the sky, connecting the spirit of the world with the physical of the world.  She acts as a messenger between the Earth Goddess pictured and her partner the Sky God.

There are three Iris or a trinity.  The iris itself is a trinity of petals so the importance of the triple aspect of the Goddess, maiden, mother and crone is emphasized. The word Iris means rainbow and Iris as messenger would take messages from the eye of heaven down to earth on an arc of a rainbow.

You have the power and support behind you to release your dreams into the world so they can manifest.



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