Awaken the Goddess Day 8

renaissance alchemist

Today’s reading from Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck by Katelyn Mariah

This is a Renaissance Goddess working with the alchemy of the sacred marriage represented by the man and woman in the pot.  She is working  with the masculine and feminine energies, mixing them spiritually to create the sacred union of masculine and feminine.  It is only through this union that humans can be whole and complete.  As she creates this masculine/feminine wholeness it is being released into the universe  so that others will benefit.  It is her medicine to anchor this energy on the planet where it is needed.

As you see she is mixing and blending with her left hand/feminine side and releasing with her right hand/masculine side in perfect balance.

Regardless of gender, we each have masculine and feminine sides to our personalities. The feminine/right brain is creative, receptive, open and emotional where the masculine/left brain is rational, logical and action oriented. If these energies are out of balance they are at war with each other and if they are balanced they work as a team.  It is through the inner marriage/Alchemical Marriage of the masculine and feminine that we find balance within and can attract balanced relationships with others.

Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck


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