Rune Story


Rune Story Painting by Katelyn Mariah

People of olden times used runes to communicate with one another. The runes are ancient keys to other dimensions which hold secret information and can shed light on our path.  They are guides for our journey of self discovery that lead us back to our source.  They were left by our ancestors to show us the way.  Just seeing the ancient symbol can awaken our memory.

There are many types of runes and the Danish runes are one such writing system created between 800 and 1000 C.E in the Viking age. They are known as either the Danish Futhark or the Younger Futhark and it is theorized that they originated in the Danish region and are based on the old Roman alphabet.  The Younger Futhark consists of 16 characters, which is 8 characters less than the common rune system. It was common place for the rune master to write what they called ‘rune poems’ to help them remember the meanings of each rune.

I wrote this rune poem as part of a book.  It goes along with the image at the top.

Realm of the Runes

On an ancient path,

the spirals round.

up to the castle throne,

at the left side of the gateway,

stands a giant stone.

Local legend echoes,

of the ancestors who with

their swords did cover,

magic symbols

on the stone

like a time capsule

to be discovered.

They say it was the Vikings,

on a journey to other lands,

who left this ancient message,

in the place that it still stands.

Each letter is a magic rune,

with a story all it’s own,

and if you can crack

it’s secret code,

it will help you journey home.

On either side,

of the ancient words

carved upon this cold face,

stand two swans,

 frozen in eternal grace.

Like guardians on the road,

this moss covered stone is cast,

A long forgotten memory of days of old,

whispers mysterious secrets of the past.


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