Once Upon A Time…



Once upon a time, so long ago it might have even been tomorrow or yesterday, in a time outside of time, there was a great storyteller. She was an old woman with long white hair, and she was the keeper of stories.  She knew all of the stories ever told and she sang them through her storytelling songs. She wore a heavy necklace of coral beads and animal teeth around her neck, which was her story telling talisman.  Each line on her face told a story of it’s own. 

This storyteller sat under the grandmother tree, with her sister,  and the stories flowed from the tip of her tongue onto her breath and into the wind.  She told stories so delicious and spicy that you could almost eat them with a spoon. Children and adults alike sat with her for hours, huddled together around a fire, listening to the stories and learning about the world.  There were stories about wizards, witches, dragons and gold, gods and goddesses and flying machines, animals that talked and magical things.

No one knows where she came from or where she was going from here, but she has been under the same old tree since it was a twig, just sprouting from it’s seed. She had been telling the same stories for generations and everyone in the village could recite them, yet they still came to listen to her enchanting voice as she wove the yarn again.  All eyes on her sparkled like diamonds as fire danced in them as she began.  Once upon a time in a land far away but very close…

still life in chiaroscuro: opened antique book, a swan feather and a red rose in a vase

Where Did Your Story Come From?

In ancient times stories were told to pass on information and to help others understand the world.  Every civilization had its epic story, which was a way of both recording history and entertaining people.  Epic stories always had a hero and a tragedy and the went on forever before they finally came to an end.  They were passed from generation to generation changing and transforming through each translation, just as the culture did.

Do you identify more with the hero in your personal story or the tragedy?

Stories through history came in all shapes and sizes; myths, legends, tall tales, fairy tales, fables, trickster stories, ballads, hero stories, love stories, ghost tales, teaching stories, oral histories and epic adventures.  The myths and stories came to represent the accumulative wisdom and knowledge of early people.  Stories of gods and heroes held groups of people together through common beliefs and history. Many stories contained morals, which helped to develop the laws and customs of the people.

Many stories are still held in place in different cultures around the world and people are fighting for their ancestors to keep the stories in place, even though they are not working and are no longer relevant.

The Emerging Storyteller in You

With in each of us is a storyteller, recording the events of our lives. We are defined by our stories and we share our stories with each other to explain our experiences and who we are because of them.  Often the stories we tell and what really happened are not quiet the same.  Just like stories of old they change ever so slightly in the retelling.

Our life stories give us a sense of identity and continuity, telling us where we came from and where we are going. They hold our lives together like an ancient tapestry, with stories of our lives and our ancestors woven together.  As babies we drop into the current story of the time and it becomes our story.  The jumping off point for our continuing story.  Unfortunately we are starting our story from a story that isn’t really about us, but we don’t know that.  In fact the story isn’t even about our parents, or grandparents.  It goes back so far, has changed so much that it isn’t really pertinent to anyone any more, yet it is  programming the new generation.  This is what keeps a culture stuck.

We carry our collective stories in our cells and it is hard to pull ourselves from their power. We have been living the stories of our ancestors for a long time and passing them along to our children and children’s children.  The stories are still alive even though they are no longer applicable to our lives. If we let them the stories will be come the shepherd and we will be come the sheep.

Today stories are everywhere in our societies and culture. They are found in our music, books, movies, news media, religions, paintings, architecture and urban legends.  They influence us in many ways some subtle and some not so subtle.  Mass media is now the great storyteller and many are getting brainwashed by the stories being told.  The current stories are manipulated and parts are left out to paint a picture that the powers that be want to be told. These fear laden stories define our values, aspirations and our dreams as well as our prejudices and hatreds.  The media shows us what they want us to see.

It is Time for New Stories


It is time for new stories both individually and collectively.  If someone long ago started the story that is still influencing us today.  Someone today can start a new story.

Many of us are remembering the Law of Attraction and how thoughts become things, or stories become our life.  We are what we think and what we put the most focus on and our lives unfold according to the conscious and unconscious stories we tell ourselves. The mind doesn’t care if the information is true or make believe it just follows the train of thought into the future.

I don’t like parts of my personal story and have worked for a long time to change it.  I also don’t like the current collective story.  It may have worked when it was first created but it is not working now.

We are the storytellers so let’s write a new story.  This doesn’t mean we reject the current story, it means we don’t put emphasis on it.  Let’s re-write the story about war, and prejudice and hatred and build our story on love, compassion, understanding and non-judgment. Letting the current story slip into history where it belongs while we pass on a new dream.

The only way this can happen collectively is if we start with our personal stories. Write a new story for your life, in great detail, dropping the parts you don’t like, re-writing them into a better story.    Make it a story where you are the hero not a victim.  A story where your dreams and desires become your reality. Allow your story to flow and shift and change as you grow and change.  Then sing it like the song of your soul until it become reality and the old story of your life fades into history…where is should be.

From there we can work on the collective story from a place of authenticity and self-love.



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