Ancient Goddess Day seven

ancient goddess

First of all it is a Goddess and she is very ancient,very wise and all knowing.  She comes from a place deep inside of you. You can see by her shawl that she is a sky Goddess, and I believe that it would be Nut who gave birth to the sun.  She watches over the world through the stars and in a cloak of protection from harmful outside forces.
The black birds are symbolic of something that needs to be release and it is a lower chakra issue because of where they are placed.  I feel that it might be solar plexus/womb space.  The solar plexus is about power and the womb is about creation and manifestation and something is blocking the flow.  The number six is significant and for me that represents unconditional love.  We are in a period right now where Self-Love is key to our evolution.  It is something that we were not taught how to do and we are learning it as a group of souls.  How are you loving yourself.  How can you love yourself more?
Her left hand holds the key and her right hand holds a plate of apples and grain/nourishment.
Each human has a right and left hemisphere in the brain which we classify as male and female, the right being female and the left being male.  The male side/left is in charge of the right side of the body and the female/right side is in charge of the left side of the body, which is opposite what you would think.  The left hand is feminine and receiving and the right hand is male and giving.  Balancing the two sides is key to wholeness.  The key is in the feminine side so that is the side that must be strengthened.  It appears that it is easier for you to give than receive.  When you are busy giving you can’t give yourself the love that you need.  I would have a dialog with those two symbols the key and the apples and see what comes up by asking questions about each of them.
You see the birds going from black to white and turning into stars.  It is by releasing this lower chakra issue that you will change the birds from black to white and you will receive insight/enlightenment.

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