Another World Goddess


Awaken the Goddess Day 6

This Goddess appears to be in another world on another planet.  It often feels that way when you have made a big shift and transformation in your life.  Everything seems foreign and you don’t know how to navigate this new environment.

It is possible that she has entered this foreign land through the dream time given that she has a lizard on her skirt.  Lizard is often used as a symbol for the dream time in many cultures.

She brought with her her medicine bundle, which holds all of her tools for connecting with her higher self.  As long as she is connected in this way she will learn how to navigate the new landscape as she will be guided and protected in her quest.

She is surrounded by water so the potential of being overwhelmed by her emotions is very real and would be expected for someone who is in a new space that she doesn’t understand.  She is holding the moon above her head suggesting that she is in contact and control of her emotional side and it won’t get in the way as she learns to live from a new space within.

To get a copy of this deck so you can explore the deeper aspects of the divine feminine order here



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