Awaken the Goddess Meditation Day Three

Alchemical Goddess

Here is today’s pick from the meditation deck that I created, Awaken the Goddess. It is great for anyone who wants to work with the deeper aspects of the Divine Feminine/feminine energies.

This is one of my favorites and even when I was painting her I thought she was an Alchemical Goddess. She is the perfect pick for today. It’s also uncanny given all the wind we have this morning.

The healing process is an alchemical process. Something goes out of balance, in this case your heart. Through the process of returning to wellness there is an alchemy that happens that brings you back into balance.

Some of it happens on the physical plane, but most of it happens in the emotional and spiritual as you embrace and process feelings and emotions that result from the imbalance, gain new understanding about who you are, integrate that understanding and return to wellness as someone new.

This Goddess suggests that it can happen at lightning speed. If you can allow this process to happen organically, trusting your Inner Physician it can be easy and effortless.

Purchase the Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck here


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