Awaken the Goddess Day One

goddess card1

I decided to work with a meditation deck that I created 20 years ago, Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck. There are many people around the world still using this deck.

I am going to use it to ask for guidance in this process I am in. Each image speaks differently according to who is looking at it so if you see something that stands out to you please comment. I have a lot of visionary and psychic/ shamanic friends so I know there might be more here. It might help me go deeper into the image.

It is interesting I picked this one because when I woke up this morning I was thinking “It’s a good thing eagle is one of my animal spirits.”

So this is a great Goddess to start with. She is moving forward with vision like the eagle. She hold a tree branch in front of her heart that looks like it is sprouting new leaves. Perfect for my healing heart. She has the sun and the tree of life at her solar plexus, which is her power center. I know I am moving forward with vision and strength even though it doesn’t feel that way right now. I always come to a place of movement, power and new vision when I go through these kind of challenges. This card literally leaped from the deck so I know it is making an important statement to me.

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