Metaphysical Meaning of Heart Attack



Painting by Miro

I often look at metaphor when I am in a healing process.  The metaphor gives us information we might not have seen or thought about.

Metaphor speaks to the heart and it is only with the heart that one can see the truth. For this reason metaphor has long been the language of mystics, spiritual teachers, poets, storytellers and other expressive artists. Metaphor is a heart-tool that helps us explore the ideas, forces and powers that lie behind our rational thought. Whereas metaphors, whether they are true or not, allow people to shift their perspective and unlock old ways of thinking that do not work.

In simple terms, a metaphor shows us one thing as another, and in doing this extends the way we see the world, also often refreshing and enlivening our perception. In oral and written language, using the medium of picture imagery, metaphor speaks directly to our imaginative faculties, bypassing our rational brain. Such metaphoric byways and pathways enable us to explore the ideas, forces, and powers that lie behind or beyond our rational thought. Overcoming the limitations of our fixed categories and often cumbersome or clumsy everyday human language, metaphor, in a mysterious and magical process, offers a form of “higher” or more holistic cognition.

Of course, just having a heart attack I wanted to find out what it was a metaphor for.

Here is a list of things I came up with:

  1. Addiction to Urgency which keeps flight/fight active
  2. Focusing on material aspects in life while enjoying nothing in the process.
  3. Heart represents the center of love and securit
  4. Feeling alone and scared
  5. Lack of joy
  6. Failing to love
  7. Failing to learn to love ourselves
  8. Love is a vital nutrient to our hearts, are you getting enough of it?
  9. Difficulty staying in the flow. Anytime this flow of life which we have committed to becomes overwhelming for us we may experience a sympathetic response from the heart and it’s out cries, leading to irregular heart beat, abnormalities in blood flow and heart attack.
  10. Commitments that no longer support us that we need to let go of.
  11. Giving and receiving joy is blocked.
  12. Not living for yourself and blocking yourself from living your purpose.
  13. Dealing with things from a place of anger
  14. Squeezing all of the joy out of life in favor of money or position.

Often you will find more than one that will resonate with you.  I suggest you picking them one at a time and exploring how they fit for you.

The one that jumped out at me was addiction to urgency.  I didn’t realize that I have had a sense of urgency since my near death experience 31 years ago.  I never felt like I would get things done in time , before I died.  I felt like I had to move fast from one thing to the next never stopping to enjoy what I had accomplished.  This probably kept the fight/flight system always engaged on some level.


I bring Joy back to the center of my heart.  I express love to all. My heart beats to the rhythm of love


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