Everything is Right and Perfect


Often times something that is painful is the most efficient way to transform and there was no other way to get where you needed to go.

The heart attack I had, for example.  I want to be able to live from my heart, which is completely different from living from your head. The mind wants facts, evidence and order.  It wants to study, analyze and figure everything out.  Where the heart is joyful, loving and peaceful.  The heart is intuitive, it just knows.  It is forward thinking. It flows.

I was tired of figuring things out and over analyzing.  I was tired of falling back into old behaviors. I was not interesting in finding evidence for everything I believed intuitively.

I had found ways to open my heart and stay there but nothing was working.  I wasn’t finding what I needed to find to be able to live in my heart because I didn’t know that there was an energetic protective shield around my heart that I must have put there 31 years ago.

The kind of heart attack that I had was caused by the stress of having a fire in my house.  It is called  stress induced cardiomyopathy , also known as broken heart syndrome, how ironic!  The heart attack broke the shield around and opened my heart like nothing else could do. It was fast and efficient!  I feel like I am in my heart now and it feels good!

I know for myself when I gotten into these painful situations in the past I always felt like I must have done something wrong and needed to figure out what it was.  Not any more…

Don’t believe you did something wrong when you find yourself in those tough spaces. Believe that you have done something right!!!


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