Be a Rebel and Make Yourself the Cause!


You will never hear me say “My heart attack”, or “my medicine”.  The word my means belonging to or associated with the speaker.  I don’t take ownership of things that I don’t want in my life.  What I had was  just a heart attack, a blip in the radar, something I will heal and release.  I don’t want to own it!  I am not taking ownership of Coronary Artery Disease either.  You will never hear me say I have coronary artery disease because of my heart attack.

Taking ownership over something will fix it in place. I hear people all the time saying things like “my headache”, “my Cancer”, “my heart attack, like it is a part of them.  Do you really want to hang around this for the rest of your life by owning it? It becomes a label that you are identified by.  I really don’t want to be know by the heart attack I had.

Stay neutral and detached. Be a rebel and make you the cause! Commit to yourself that you can and will heal what ever issue you have and send it on it’s way.  Don’t be identified with or by disease.




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