Divine Guidance


A message from my Divine Inner Genius ( I have been having conversations with this part of myself, in my journal, for years)

My Question: How will this heart attack change my life?

Actually it will change your life for the better. This is how you created your life because this is a pivotal lifetime in your evolution.  You wanted to transform many things. You had a heart attack but it is not the beginning of your decline, it is the beginning of living from your heart.  That is a whole new level of living, with compassion, curiosity, bliss, joy, love and excitement.  Your life has not been about those things so far.  

We are sorry for the human side of you for which this causes suffering for we can see what it does to you.

We are asking you to stay in the moment through this process, drop the “What if’s”, be present with yourself and feel what it feels like to live from the heart. The heart doesn’t question…it just knows.  From heart space self-love is primary, self-compassion and self-care are key, for from this place all things are possible, even what seems to be impossible!





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