The Body Within the Soul


THE BODY WITHIN THE SOUL (part one of a series)Information from my soul

I could never understand how the soul could be within the body.  It has always felt way more expansive and limitless than our physical body.  Even so, everything I read has the soul residing in the body just above the heart center.

Understand that this is a concept that is in exploration phase and it is just beginning to take form. It may or may not resonate with you, and that is okay.

A few days ago I was downloaded with information that gave me a whole new understanding about the soul. From my understanding the body is within the soul, not the other way around.  The soul is no longer confined to the body but has expanded to encapsulate the body.  This is part of the evolutionary process. The soul is expansive in a way that is hard to understand because it is a concept that is outside of time and space. The soul permeates the body and surrounds it reaching way out into the universal energy field.  This expanded soul self is connected to Divine Consciousness which we can access if we are connected to our soul and have embodied the connection.  This is way bigger than our aura’s, astral body, mental body, causal body and higher self.  All of these are contained within the soul. The image above is the closest thing I could find to this concept.

The soul is informing the physical Self.  The soul is way bigger than who we think we are as physical beings.  When we get information it feels like it is coming from outside of us when in reality it is coming from the expanded part of us called the soul.

We are connected to our soul through our sacred heart which is the center of our physical body which is in the place where people think the soul resides.  Let’s use the fetus for example, when they are in the mother’s womb they are connected to their source of nourishment through the umbilical cord.  The same is true of humans and their souls only the cords come from the heart center.  Soul nourishment comes into the human from the soul through the heart.  Nourishment is guidance, information, energy messages, all information from higher self, protection, intuition, etc. We are moving through life in a protective bubble of sorts that is giving us information all of the time whether we realize it or not.

You are surrounded by the magnetic force field which is your soul.  This magnetic force contains the blueprint for each lifetime, each building on the next. It also contains parallel lives and that is why we often feel like we have been some place or have done something before. It also encompasses all of the dimensions that are available on earth at this time.  When I think of the soul in this way it feels more grounded on the earth plane and doesn’t feel like something separate and out “there” somewhere.

The sacred heart, in our body, is connected to our creator self, which is our Soul, and holds the Akashic Records, our divine blueprint for this lifetime and all of our life experiences that we are living now in this incarnation.  The sacred heart is our true home.


It is very important for humanity at this time that we open our heart center and lead with the heart rather than our mind.  The heart has been blocked in most humans for a long time and false information has been coming through the mind. The mind had been given all of the power and yet it has become an instrument of control and manipulation by the patriarchy, which is one way that those beings who have an agenda of keeping the heart center close have been known.  This has kept humans from being in their true power.

It is time to take back our power and the path is through the heart.


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