NO one asked me if I wanted to be a LAB RAT!



“I well remember how horrified I felt when I learned that scientists had succeededin reconfiguring the genetics of plants and animals. The first genetically engineered (GE) plants were created in the 1980’s, but I did not hear about them until the 1990s when they were first commercialized.  It seemed a shocking corruption of life forms of the planet, and it was surprising that many people were as appalled as I was – and these altered organisms became known as “Framkenfoods”. Jane Goodall  in Altered Genes, Twisted Truth

Our food system is poisoned and I am pissed about it!


One of the words used for Genetically Modified foods is Franken-foods because they are fake and they are a monster. The human body is not designed to process and digest fake food.  It goes into overdrive trying to figure out what to do with it.  Some bodies find ways to release it from the body right away and some bodies put it into storage in the fat cells.


GMO’s are one of the big causes for weight gain.  The GMO industry argues that the foods they are creating are safe and because most of the studies on the harms of GMO have been done on animals, they feel they are not valid for humans.

“Frankly, there is a frightening coincidence glaring at us, right before our eyes. Obesity has become pandemic in the past 30 years, paralleling the use of genetic engineering, and increased pesticide use. More than 60% of Americans are overweight, and obesity has doubled in the past 20 years, globally. Our intestines may be colonized with new microbes, making us very sick. Something is seriously wrong here and has not been seen before.

It doesn’t matter how much we wash an ear of corn. We’re eating pesticides, chemicals, and new ‘foods’. Some people truly believe, that the food source of today is the safest it has ever been. They embrace Genetically Modified (GM) food wholeheartedly, accept irradiation of food, and blindly stuff themselves with the latest food experiment….That is, the human food experiment. ”  read rest of the article

GMO increases the appetite because of some of the chemical processes that it creates in the body.  We want to eat more because we don’t feel like we are getting nourished.  The body wants to hold on to fat stores because it is afraid it won’t get fed and in a way this is smart on the body’s part because it is trying to protect us from starving.  In reality if we are eating too many GMOs we are starving!

Modern Wheat Modification and Increased Appetite

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GMOs have been impacting most of us since the 1990’s so before that we had years where our body was getting the nourishment we needed and were not bombarded by chemicals.  What about our children and grandchildren.  What happens to their bodies if they are eating GMOs everyday and their parents don’t know it?  What damage is done to their bodies during a time when they are growing and developing the most?

Here is a list of problems linked to GMO’s:

  • GMOs cause changes to the immune system
  • damage to intestinal structures
  • negatively impact digestive and reproductive organs
  • alter liver, kidneys, pancreas, and adrenal glands as shown in animals that are fed GMOs
  • Colitis
  • diabetes
  • digestive disorders
  • sexual dysfunction
  • sterility
  • asthma
  • autism

There has been an increase in all of these issues parallel to the introduction of GMO’s.  Did you know that there has never been ANY testing on the safety of GMOs?  No they were just quietly slipped into our food supply.   I don’t know about you but I am not happy being a LAB RAT for the government!  The GMO industry wants us to believe that modifying foods is a good thing and we should not worry about it.  I am worried!


This is an actual worksheet that I got from Jacob’s mother who is in elementary school.  This is what they are teaching children! I don’t want my grandson to learn this, do you want your child learning it?



A new poll reports a large majority of Americans support putting labels on genetically modified foods, whether or not they care to eat them.

The Associated Press-GfK survey of 1,010 adults was conducted online Dec. 4-8, using a sample drawn from the GfK’s probability-based Knowledge Panel, which is designed to be representative of the U.S. population.

According to the results, 66 percent of Americans are in favor of requiring food manufacturers to label any products that contain genetically modified organisms — more readily known as GMOs. Only 7 percent are opposed to the idea, and 24 percent are “neutral.”

So if 66% of Americans are in favor of at least having foods labeled why are the 34% winning?


If you are at all concerned about GMOs there are a lot of great books on Amazon and a lot of great studies on the internet. GMOs have been a quiet concern for a long time and people not longer want to be quiet!  If you start to do your research you will find a lot of articles that say GMOs are safe and people shouldn’t worry about them.  I wonder what the GMO industry has to do with those articles and how are the people who wrote them connected?  Personally there is too much evidence that suggests they are harmful and my body is telling me that is the truth.

I have stated how I feel about this whole idea of creating fake foods and my body has suffered as a result.  Now I am looking for solutions.  First on a personal level and second on a national level.  We all have to take action and stop eating foods that are GMO the best we can without labeling.  Our health and wellness has to be be a priority so that we can reverse 20+ years of damage to our bodies.  Our children and grandchildren will also suffer and I am not okay with  that!

Look for labels like these:




"Certified Organic" Label



Food Revolution

Non-GMO Project



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