How can we Flourish if we can’t even eat!

And if what we do eat makes us sick!

codex tomates

I have been trying to understand for years why I went from being able to eat anything to not being able to eat a lot of things without getting sick. My body has become my personal laboratory as I have tried to understand.  It happened almost over night sometime in the 90’s, so I have been in the lab for a long time!!! Curiously as long as our food has been tainted with GMO’s.

I have done yeast cleanses thinking it must be yeast that was causing my inflammation, diarrhea and other intestinal issues.  The cleanses didn’t change what was happening to me when I ate.

I decided I must be allergic to the popular things we can be allergic to, like wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and corn. I eliminated wheat and dairy for a 7 year stretch and yes I did feel better but this was way before the gluten -free revolution hit and it was very challenging to be gluten-free.

Well, folks, this is what I discovered!

It isn’t the wheat, the gluten, the dairy, the soy or the sugar that is bad. No those used to be considered real food.  It is genetic modification of those foods that is making me sick and most of the people in the USA.  Most of the people are not even aware of this!

Genetically modified foods have quietly made their way into the US food source in 1994 with a tomato!  I find that in itself interesting.  No one ever asked us if I wanted to volunteer for a food experiment.  They just snuck it into our food without me knowing.  It quietly tiptoed in like a thief in the night.

Did you know that because gluten-free has become so popular and all the giant companies have jumped on board with  the trend, most of the gluten-free products have GMO’s now too!!!  Here is an article

I travel a lot and I can eat almost anything when I travel outside of the USA even in places like Bali!  This never made sense to me until I learned that most countries around the world have banned the use of GMO’s with the EXCEPTION of the USA!  They won’t even import foods that have GMO’s in them!

My body gives me almost instant feedback if I eat something that it detects as harmful and wants to remove it from my body ASAP!  I have a smart and efficient body from years of working on cleaning it out.  This is all well and good but not so good when I have just eaten something harmful and I am out in public.   I have learned where the bathroom is in most places around the Twin Cities!

The dilemma I have had for years is that there hasn’t been a pattern to what foods cause me problems.  One day I am okay eating a tomato, for example, and the next day I am not.  It finally dawn on me that the food I eat wasn’t the issue it was the GMO’s!!!

The TOP 9 Genetically Modified Foods

Is organic always GMO free?

A list of non-organic ingredients allowed in organic food.   What?  That’s crazy too!

Do you realize that it is our tax payer dollars that are used to subsidize the GMO industry?  That makes me very angry.  I am paying the government to poison me, great!

I will be writing more on this subject in the months to come.  I want to end with this video.  It actually made me cry when I watched it.  I cried for me, I cried for you, I cried for my kids and your kids and I cried for my beautiful grandson!



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