Who is Hindy Hedgehog, anyway?

I feel like it is really important to introduce everyone to Hindy Hedgehog because right now it is a little known, yet important character who is new on the scene.

Hindy is a 4 1/2 year old hedgehog, who oddly enough is neither a girl or a boy.  That happens sometimes in the hedgehog world.  It’s okay, though, because Hindy is really cool and no one cares about that kind of stuff.

Hindy got the name quite by accident when “mother” was trying to find a name that had an “H” in it.  At first she came up with Hinty but like the name Hindy better.  The interesting things is when she looked up the word Hinty she discovered that Hnty is an ancient Egyptian word for hedgehog.

Like most hedgehogs Hindy can’t see very well so it falls down a lot.    That is what happens in the story about Hindy and The Magical Garden.  If you read the story you will find out that wonderful thing Hindy learned from falling one day on the way to the Magical Garden.

Speaking of Magical Garden’s, Hindy has a Magical Garden filled with flowers and all of the foods hedgehogs love to eat like berries, carrots, kale and vegetables.  This is lucky for Hindy because most hedgehogs have to snout around eating bugs and worms and stuff and vegetables and berries are a luxury.  Hindy loves to smell the pretty flowers in the garden and let butterflies land on their heart shaped nose!

Hindy has a friend who is a cat.  That is unusual for hedgehogs and cats to get along but both of these creatures are very unusual themselves so their relationship works!  You can see how happy Hindy is snuggling with his cat friend.

hindy and bj

Because Hindy is only 4 1/2 years old, supervision is still necessary.  There have been times when Hindy has gotten away from adults for a few minutes and gotten into trouble like last Christmas when he got stuck in the Christmas tree!! It was fun climbing through all the sparkling ornaments and twinkling lights, until Hindy got almost to the top and looked down.  Hindy got really scared and cried until momma hedgehog came and got them down.

hindy at christmas

So that is a little bit about Hindy.  You can learn more about this delightful hedgehog in Hindy Hedgehog’s Magical Garden  where you will discover what Hindy learns on a journey to the hedgehog imagination.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00039]

For now, Hindy says “Good bye, I hope we get to meet up really soon!  I love having new friends!”


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