Throw out the Resolutions about Dieting!


It’s the beginning of the NEW YEAR and what do most of us do?  We make resolutions that we can’t keep.  We go to extremes and we think in all or nothing terms.  This is why the average person can only stick with a new years resolution for 8 days before they quit.

I have done the same thing!  I always want to lose weight in the new year like everyone else and I pick a diet that sounds good and that will meet my goals.  I dive in and dive back out just as fast.

I decided to do it differently this year.  Instead of going all black and white, I am reminded that there is a whole rainbow between black and white that I can choose from!

I decided instead of a diet I would do a  One Day Whole Body Cleanse once a week. A Day of Rest. This wouldn’t be all about diet but ways that I can cleanse on all levels. Not only will I do a smoothie cleanse but I will take a day off from all social media and not watch any television.  I have seen a lot of people lately going all or nothing about Facebook for example, deactivating their accounts and staying off for long periods of time.  I am just taking a day off where I am not distracted by anything.


Our body needs a rest from heavy digesting and so does our mind and spirit.

While eliminating internal stagnation and the stimulation of social media, you can turn this into a day of pampering with relaxing activities that help you celebrate life.

Here are some ideas of nurturing things to do

  1. I do my day of cleansing on Sunday so I can choose not to work or have a schedule of any kind.  It is naturally a day of rest so it works perfect.
  2. Do yoga or other exercises and stretches that make you feel energetic, peaceful and calm.
  3. Take time to write in your journal insights and inspirations that come during the day.
  4. Rest when you feel tired
  5. Find a partner to do the cleansing day with you and spend time together that day.
  6. Go for a meditative walk or hike in nature and stay present to your surroundings.
  7. Do a cleansing facial mask
  8. Do a purifying Body Wrap. I like the It Works Body Wrap for this. They are actually sold in a 4 pack so you will have one for each cleansing day a month.
  9. Get a massage
  10. Read a good book that relaxes you.
  11. Listen to your favorite music
  12. Listen to meditation videos on YouTube, or a meditation CD
  13. Do skin brushing before you take a shower or bath to help the lymph system release toxins.
  14. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water or herbal tea
  15. Paint, write or do something else that you love that you never have time to do.
  16. Plan ahead for your cleanse so you don’t have to scramble the day of your cleanse to find what you need.

The point here is to not only cleanse your body but find things that nurture you.  This will also keep your mind off of food!



For cleansing, your day will consist of a Green Smoothie Juice meal, hot tea and hot water with lemon and filtered water. This One Day Green Smoothie cleanse is a great way to provide your body with a rest, a refresh & reboot!

For “meal times” (breakfast, lunch and dinner), it is very normal to drink about 17-27 oz (approx. 500ml to 800ml) each time in place of a solid food meal, and it can be quite filling. Drink your juice slowly and enjoy the taste, don’t gulp it down. Drink only as much as your body can take at any one time, comfortably. Listen to your body, it will tell you when it wants more, or if it’s got enough.

I prefer smoothies that are loaded with greens but you can switch it up each week and try different ones. There are so many green smoothie recipes that you can choose one you like from the links below:

1-20 Green Smoothie Recipes from Dr. Axe

2-8 Detox Smoothies to cleanse the body

3-The Glowing Green Smoothie

4-The One Day Detox

5-Super Detox Green Juice

6-Detoxing cleanse how much juice and water


As long as you are cleansing why not clear your space too. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Every Sunday, go through one are in your house and throw away 9 things that you don’t need. Just think, if you did this every Sunday what a difference that would make in a year!

If you have recipes you like share it below in comments or if you decide to try the One Day Body Cleanse let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Remember this can be fun and nurturing!


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