The art of Journaling

I have been journaling for 30+ years.  My ritual to begin the New Year is to start a new Journal and paint a Soul Mandala for the New Year.  At the end of the year I review my Journal, jot down the challenges on paper.  Tear it up and flush it down the toilet.


This is my stack of journals from 2015.   My journal has become a friend and confidant over the years.  It is the place where I can talk with my wise inner being, learn about myself and get advice and clarity.

2015 had way more challenges than highlights but all of them were blessings.  Yesterday I read/skimmed through my journal looking for those difficult things that happened so I could release them.  I had 6 pages of notes so that tells you how much challenge I had.  In the end all of that challenge, pain and angst brought me to the best place I have been in my life so it was worth it.

One of the things I like about re-reading my journals is that it gives me a birds eye view of the bigger picture and how well everything was orchestrated to bring me to those things I needed to discover and release.

I could see where I tried to manifest from the wrong energy and why that desire didn’t manifest. I could see patterns and I could see things that needed to change.

Here is the Soul Mandala for 2015:


I reviewed the reading that I did on January 1, 2015 and all of the symbolism.  I could see how this correlated perfectly with my year.  It was very “busy” just like the image.  I can look at this image now and see the events of my year as they manifested, not in the way I thought they would at the beginning of the year, but perfectly the way I needed them too.

Here is my six pages of notes, torn and ready to flush:


There they go!  I released them and will never have to experience them again!


Now to begin 2016!

Here is my Soul Mandala for the Year:

soul portrait-km.jpg





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